TJ’s growing list of nicks, mostly given by his dad.
1. Poopy Boy (during the first couple of months when he poops again and again…)
2. Handsome Boy
3. Fei Chye (Cantonese for “Fat Boy”)
4. Sumo
5. Pui Pui Tan (“Pui” in Hokkien means “Fat”)

Pui Pui TanThe last nick is D’s current favourite, for obvious reasons. We have been scratching our heads and wondering how TJ got so big (he was kinda underweight at birth, 2.45kg or 5.5lbs). During the PD visit in January, TJ, at 4.5 months, weighed 7.4kg (compare that to an average 1-year-old whose weight is about 10kg) and I had asked the doc if his weight gain is too much. Dr Ong said it is still ok, and reminded me that TJ would lose his weight once he start on solids. Nowadays, TJ seems to be drinking slightly less milk than before. But he still feeds well, is active, poo and pee on a regular basis… so I suppose everything is fine.

Nicknames 3 and 4 are given by our good friend, CML. Last Saturday, together with 2 other friends, CML came to our place for dinner. I made bak kut teh (bought the prepacked ones from S’pore), cajun cod and stirfry asparagus. D helped me take care of TJ the whole day while I did a whole list of WIth Aunties Mayling, Joanne & Minghuistuff (bought groceries, washed toilet, dinner prep, cooked). In fact after dinner, D took the initiative to help me wash the dishes while I gave TJ his pre-bedtime wiped-down and changed him into his PJs, while the girls saw him in all his butt-naked glory.

It was a great evening, the girls went goo goo and ga ga over TJ, who was on his best behaviour. In fact, we had dinner while he played on his own and raised his head every so often to look at us before giving us a grin.

And when it was time to put him to bed, one of our friends actually crawled into his room to check on him cos he was making his usual noises as he tried to sleep. It was quite funny to see how these grown women react to TJ’s antics. I suppose this is why babies are so charming and captivate (or control) us adults.

It will be another 2 more weeks before TJ turns 6 months and I will start him on rice cereals before progressing to pureed vegs, fruits and porridge. That will be quite an experience, I just hope he doesn’t make a mess… I hate messes, cos I am the one to clean up. But it is a necessary step, and this tells me that my boy is growing up.

I have been looking at some of his old (has it only been 5.5 months since he was born?) Two Days Oldpics and thinking this miracle of ours has been amazing. Now, I have been looking around our lil’ apartment and taking note of the things and areas which need to be childproof. Very soon, TJ will be sitting up, crawling and exploring everything and everywhere. I am not sure how stressed I would be, chasing him down. The only consolation I have is that our place is small, tiny… I can vacuum all rooms including the toilet with the cord fully extended and without the need to change to another power socket.

And oh… D’s latest nickname for me is “Ku Ku Lim” (“Ku Ku”, if I am not wrong is a Malay word or even Singlish, which means “stupid/silly” as taken from Wikipedia). Can’t remember what I did to warrant this latest title, must have been something silly lah since I have now deleted the embarrasing incident from my memory.

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