Bad Habits, Good Habits

Bad Habit:
In order to fall asleep, TJ needed to be rocked, sung to and has “rapid-fire” patting on his butt. My mum was the one who started this, and I suppose it was difficult, while living in her house, to tell her not to do it.

When TJ was two months old, he was extremely difficult and would fuss and cry for a few hours when I tried to get him to sleep. No matter what I did, he would bawl and worse, hold his breath and turned red in the face. That was the time when I really had no clue what he wanted, and I ended up giving in to him just so that he could stop crying.

Good Habit:
Now that he is in HK, without my mum running to his rescue, I can now call the shots. Two friends of mine have been especially helpful in giving me advice on good sleeping habits. So for the past 3 nights, D and I put him to bed about 8pm after saying a quick prayer and kiss him goodnight. There is none of that patting, rocking nonsense.

The progress:
Day 1 (Wed 20 Feb) – Fussed, cried, squirmed around in his cot, screamed for us and finally slept (out of exhaustion perhaps) 2.5 hours later at 10.30pm

Day 2 (Thurs 21 Feb) – Fussed, cried, squirmed around in his cot and slept an hour later at 9 pm but woke up crying around 11ish (nightmare) and somewhat hyperventilated

Day 3 (Fri 22 Feb) – Fussed, cried, squirmed around in his cot and slept around 8.30pm (his actual bedtime). His cries sounded really sad though, as if we had abandoned him (or maybe it’s just that my heart is too soft).

Today, Day 4 (Sat 23 Feb) – We were out and he had napped in his stroller till 7pm while on the way home. We put him to bed around 8.30pm instead. Fussed and squirmed around in his cot and slept 30 minutes later at 9pm.

However he still fussed at least twice in the night and that means, either D or I would go to check on him and make sure he is still ok.

I think he is getting there… to some good sleeping habits.

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