Welcome Home

This is TJ’s 4th night in HK and he is still getting used to the new environment and his new bed. It must be quite tough on him and on us too. He kept us up the first 2 nights, waking up almost every hour, crying. But it is better now, somewhat back to normal.

The flight back to HK on the 16 Feb was ok, I didn’t really get to watch any movie as I had to carry TJ while he took his one and only nap for the day through the slight turbulence. D and I took turns to take our lunch so that one of us would be available to take care of TJ. Throughout the entire day, TJ was in his kapo self, his eyes big as saucers and ears were tuned into every single sound. I lost count on the number of times his head turned from side to side, not wanting to miss out on anything. By the time we were back home, TJ was  very cranky and over-tired. Then it was a mad rush to feed him, wiped him down and prep him for bedtime. TJ did succumb to the Z-Monster by his usual bedtime which was 8.30pm, and that gave D and I time to unpack. By the time we went to bed, it was almost 2 am.

The D was so sweet to have prepared the “Welcome Home” committee. It was a simple thing but I was touched. 🙂

Sunday and Monday were spent on housework: vacuum, mop, wash the toilet, tidy up the place to make space for TJ’s lil’ play area. I wanted to do everything but knew it was near impossible. I had to prioritise, but it felt like everything was important. 😉 We went to get some groceries and I made Bak Kut Teh for dinner that night. D was pleased and he commented that it was good to have homecooked dinner again.

He didn't sit up on his own, I had propped him upI decided to put my Metolius Cheap Bastard Crash Mat to some good use since I will not be bouldering for a while. Once I placed the towels and the 2nd hand Fisher Price activity gym that D had bought on the crash mat, lined some pillows and propped our beanbags around it, TJ’s lil’ play area looks quite good. Unfortunately TJ isn’t very interested in Fisher Price toy and only paid attention to it for maybe 5 minutes, before turning onto his tummy and tried to chew on the towels. He likes the towels and bedsheets more than any toys I give him. 🙂

Now that I am absolutely 100% on my own, taking care of TJ without my mum’s help, I do feel more tired than before. And since TJ doesn’t like to be on his own for long, it meant that he would start crying for me. It is quite tough trying to prepare dinner when that happens. I aim to cook dinner at least 3 times a week, but it will have to be simple-to-do stuff… no more gourmet, 3-star Michelin rating dinners that I use to serve before being TJ’s mum, food source, playmate, butt-cleaner etc. I told D, on homecooked dinner nights,  he will have to come home after work as soon as he can, so that he can look after TJ while I prepare and cook dinner. In fact I told D that if he was hungry, he could go ahead and have his dinner first while I get TJ to sleep. But D insisted that we will have dinner together, no matter how late, so that we set aside this time for ourselves.

I am still trying to get into some kinda routine myself and totally tired by 9pm. But I am glad that TJ is asleep by then so it gives D and I some time to ourselves too.

So far it has been ok, tired but ok.

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