My Son Is Losing Hair

TJ, still with lots of hair, in Dec 07Haiz, where did all his hair go?

I miss running my fingers through his hair, which is so soft that I can just press any wayward strands down easily. I used to be able brush his hair to one side to give him a preppy look, or push them all to the middle to create a mohawk.

Now, I try not to touch his hair too much, for fear of pulling out his precious strands accidentally. Instead of styling, I can only “arrange” TJ’s hair to make him look less bald. The bald patches are showing up, especially on the top and the left side of his head.

I find loads of hair on his bed, on his shirt, in the bathtub and even in his left hand.

When he is looking at something and trying to grab hold of it using his right hand, TJ’s left hand will be touching his head. At first I thought he looks cute doing that, as if he is thinking deep thoughts. Now I believe it is another reason for his Speedy Gonzales hairloss ‘cos he will be tugging on his hair and somehow pull a bunch off (which explains the hair inside his balled up left fist).

And it doesn’t help that he moves his head side to side when he is on the bed, getting excited over I-Dunno-What, and loses more hair in the process. 

My mum and some friends have told me that it is natural for young babies like TJ to be losing hair, but this is bothering me. TJ is losing hair faster than he is growing them. My boy, he is starting to look like one of those baldies. 

Still, TJ doesn’t care about his receding hairline, and I shouldn’t either. He is probably thinking “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”. In fact, he is so happy to see his reflection nowadays, grinning widely and even give a loud baby “Hi”. 🙂 Hair or no hair.

His hair…. they will grow back rite?!? 😉

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