Dear Tyler (IV)

For once in my life
I have someone who needs me
Someone I’ve needed so long
For once unafraid
I can go where life leads me
And somehow I know I’ll be strong
For once I can touch
What my heart used to dream of
Long before I knew
Someone warm like you
Could make my dream come true
For once in my life
I won’t let sorrow hurt me
Not like it’s hurt me before
For once I’ve got someone
I know won’t desert me
I’m not alone anymore
For once I can say
This is mine, you can’t take it
As long as I’ve got love
I know I can make it
For once in my life
I’ve got someone who needs me

If my life is made into a musical, and I get to choose the songs which would best describe the experiences I am going through, the song “For Once In My Life” would be perfect to describe this time I have with you.

Just this morning, you tried your hardest to wake me up by using your hand to hit my lips, since that is as far as your hand could reach. I had carried you to bed just some time ago as you were fussing, and I still wanted to sleep and did not want to waste precious time trying to soothe you. Yes, you did allow me that extra ten, fifteen minutes, but soon you realised that it was time for both of us to wake up.

I opened my eyes just a little, trying to see who was hitting me on my lips and your eyes grew bigger when you saw that mummy was waking up. And I just had to brush aside my sleepiness ‘cos you were excited to see me and gave me a toothless grin. How could I not wake up after that?

You are becoming more playful and relish in the attention that we give you. Since last week, you realise that standing on your feet is such a fun thing to do, and would smile and jumped with excitement whenever I talk and sing to you. Now, you would participate in a conversation by making all kinds of sounds whenever someone looks you in the eye and talks to you. In fact, you enjoy this so much, that you must have the last “word” before going to sleep. Yes, TJ, you will ooh and aah even to the teddy bear or the picture story board at the side of your bed.

Tomorrow, you will be exactly 4 month old and we will soon return to HK. Your dad has been preparing for your return for a long time now, and he can’t wait to return home to you each day.

So TJ, lots have happened while you are starting on your life’s journey and lots more will happen as you grow up. It is our responsibility, our hope and prayers that you will have many happy memories.

And of course, I wouldn’t mind if you grow up looking as cute as Michael Buble and singing this song to me. 🙂

With lots of hugs and kisses,
Daddy and Mummy

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