D has been home since 21 Dec and left on the 3.45pm Jetstar flight today. A good 2 weeks What do you want?with the family. It was good to have him home for Christmas, my favourite time of the year, made even more special ‘cos of our lil’ Handsome Boy. Tyler is growing up nicely and his daddy can’t believe how much he has grown and is tickled by his son’s antics.

Although D worked from his client’s office on most days, I look forward to having him home. It seems mundane and something that is easily taken for granted, afterall what’s the big deal with having the husband return from work. But to be apart for these few months can be trying and each departure bittersweet.

Ah well, memories are made of this… D and I will look back at these episodes and laugh Not that same story again?!?over them, perhaps even telling these stories to TJ if he is interested.

Having D home means that we actually galivanted quite a bit, especially during the public hols and weekends.

Besides taking TJ to see his paternal grandmother at our Pasir Ris apt, we took him to church (our first experience in the Baby/Children Room in the Wesley Hall meant we had to strain our ears to listen to the sermons) on Christmas morning and the following Sunday. As usual, our Sleepyhead slept thru’ the service.

We attended the Christmas party at my brother-in-law’s house, visited some friends and had lunch with others (either on our own or together as a family). One important person we met up returned to S’pore on the 27 Dec for a long holiday and that’s TJ’s Godmother. Both of us have been friends since we TJ with Godma (Bosses @ Vivocity, 1st Jan 08)were 13, innocent, naive MG girls. 😉

D and I are happy that she has finally met TJ and not having second thoughts about being his Godma. I reckoned TJ is one lucky kid, being showered with lots of love.

New Year was a quiet family affair. D commented that it was just as well that there was no invites for dinner and stuff.

There were the short window-shopping trips at Plaza Singapura and Vivocity, but I became more and more paranoid about all the possible viruses that could infect TJ and caused him to be ill again. We didn’t hang out too long anyway, since TJ didn’t enjoy seated in the stroller for long periods of time.

With TJ around, it’s hard to do any shopping, much less enjoy it. And it’s only just yesterday, when D and I decided to leave him at home with my mum while we did some shopping at Velocity@Novena Square, Wisma Atria and Takashimaya. We zipped through the stores as quickly as we could, since we had about 4 hours (had to be home to feed TJ). D and I did manage to get some stuff, especially D, whose wardrobe makeover only happens once or twice a year.

We realised that, after becoming parents, shopping can’t be a leisurely affair anymore. We can’t just stroll into a store, take our time to browse through the stuff, and decide later. Because there may not be a “Later”. We only have this one opportunity to be out on our own, we better make up our minds whether we want this or that quickly. And what’s worse, we end up buying clothes for TJ too, even tho’ we tell ourselves that this shopping trip will be a selfish one, just for our personal vanity. Anyway, we got him a Baby Gap top that read “Captain Adorable”. Haiz, it was all D’s fault… he saw it while I was trying on some Gap jeans and happily showed it to me after I was done.

We went to the airport this afternoon to spend some remaining time with D before his TJ with Daddy (Bosses @ Vivocity, 1st Jan 08)flight. TJ has been quite cranky the whole day ‘cos he slept late last night (could it be that he knows his daddy is going home today?). But when we were at the airport, TJ was quite well-behaved and took in the sights and sounds. D was actually surprised (perhaps even touched) when I told him that we would accompany him to the airport. Funny why he didn’t suggest it. We said a quick prayer just With Mummy (Bosses @ Vivocity 1st Jan 08)before he went through the gates, and it was kinda hard for him to tear himself away from his son. Sigh… 42 more days before we actually step through the gates together, all three of us.

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