Harlow 2008

The last few days of 2007 had been quite difficult for me, mainly cos I was still down with the hideous cold (the same one that TJ gave me around the 20th Dec 07) that refused to go away. Since I didn’t go to see the doc, I had to let my body fight the bug and that meant it took a long time. In fact, my sinuses were so sore that when I touched my cheekbones, they hurt and I could feel the pressure building up and around my eyes, making me really grouchy and sore.

It was still bad on the 31st Dec, and I went to bed early. Together with TJ, we both slept thru’ the year and into 2008. And guess what was the first thing we both did at 12.30am on the 1st Jan 08…. I fed him and he drank happily before dropping off to dreamland again.

I was reading my past New Year entries couple of days ago and that brought back some memories.  (2004, 2005 & 2006) Just as I had noted down some milestones that D and I had done in 2006, here’s the 2007 list:

1. Passed my driving test (manual/stick-shift) on my 1st try in HK 🙂

2. Converted the HK driving licence to Sgp’s (but the 1 year P-plate requirement starts on the day I converted the licence and not the day that I passed the test in HK… drats)

3. Taught in SISHK for 2 years… and made some good friends there.

4. Got my gratuity, having completed my 2-year contract with SISHK

5. Got pregnant

6. Climbed & bouldered till about 4 months into my pregnancy… well actually, I had to stop climbing cos the harness wouldn’t fit anymore and my tummy was in the way of some crucial holds

7. Watched my diet and resist unnecessary desserts (but I just need my Haagan Daz Vanilla & Coffee Milkshake sometimes)

8. D and I did our Divemaster-In-Training duties

9. D completed his Divemaster course and passed his DM test on the 2nd try (Not sure whether I will actually finish it)

10. Admitted myself to Thomson Medical Centre, S’pore, at 11pm on 15 Sept 07  and gave birth to TJ Tan on the 16 Sept 07

11. D missed TJ’s birth

12. Surviving Motherhood so far

I supposed in a way, ’07 isn’t as exciting as the year before, given that we travelled quite a bit in 2006. I suppose we will not be able to travel much or do the stuff that we normally would do ‘cos of the new addition to our lil’ family in ’08. And we would have to watch our finances closely since D will be the sole breadwinner. However I believe 2008 will be a blast, and I can’t wait to see how the year will turn out.

My bible verse for the year:
Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12

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