True Mom Confessions


Found this site and like reading the confessions that have been posted. I have posted my own confession, but waiting for the webmaster to review it first. I have also included the link as a widget on the right panel.

My confession: (Not quite the exact words but meaning is the same)
I know I am quite the klutz, but didn’t expect to “transfer” that to my two-month old son. On a couple of those sleep-deprived nights, I had dropped my son, but thankfully, onto the bed.

Couple of days ago, I had misjudged the distance between me and the door, and caused his head to hit the door. He looked at me right away, turned red in the face, and buried his head in my chest before crying his heart out.

I felt so bad and considered whether to tell his daddy. In the end, I did, and he wasn’t too pleased.

D did say that when TJ starts to walk, we will be able to see whether he has gotten my klutz genes. I am thinking, perhaps we will know even when he starts to crawl. ;P

2 responses to “True Mom Confessions

  1. hey, how on earth did u misjudge the distance between u & the door? u hor…

  2. I really dunno… it just happened ;p

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