GenPets… Very Disturbing

Freaky stuff I found on the Net the other day.

From the company’s website:
Genpets™ are mass produced Bio-engineered pets implemented today. Each pet comes pre-packaged as a fully self-contained unit. GenPets™ learn and adapt. They are fully living pets, but better, modified to be as reliable, dependable and efficient as any other technology we use in our busy lives.”

Note that these are “fully living pets” which comes in two models, 1-year and 3-year lifespans . I sent the link to D and my bro… their reaction “What the hell?”

At first I thought it was just some kinda toy but having read their FAQ and the company’s Reseller Catalogue, I am very disturbed by the whole concept. This seems to be a case of science in the wrong hands of some corporation which wants to create a new product that has blurred and even overcome the forces of nature. I know I wouldn’t buy such a product, not just ‘cos it is gross but also inhumane to something that the company professes to be a living creature, even if it was created via artificial means. But that is just me, I am sure there are millions of consumers out there, who must get the latest in technology and this GenPets will just be next IN thing to own in our neverending pursuit of consumerism.

BioGenica also  seeks to get us to “REthink Nature”:
Nature has never been a closed system, nor has it ever been balanced – we as a species have been affecting it for thousands of years. It has been our inspiration, and by choosing the best it has to offer we have been able to create absolute perfection. Patenting of living systems has become slowly accepted as our outlook on life has changed. As it is obvious that GenpetsTM have never, and would never exist in nature, it seems silly to even question them as a patented technology. Unlike other domesticated pets, GenpetsTM have not been torn from their natural environment and forced to quickly adapt to a foreign habitat; instead, they are fulfilling a pre-designed destiny. Now doesn’t bioengineering nature make far more sense? Nature to us, is nothing more than inspiration for rough parts. We have picked out the best of everything to create absolute perfection.”

That sounds like playing God, although their reply to that was “The collie, the poodle, the common house cat, the ferret, and countless other animals have been bred by human beings over the last few thousand years long before bioengineering.” But this GenPets is somehow different from the collie, poodle etc (as far as I know, those animals were “created” via cross breeding), as GenPets is, according to the company, created using the Zygote Micro Injection

So I was intrigued, and decided to find out more about GenPets when I stumbled upon another disturbing information.

That the GenPets is an urban legend actually and its creator, Adam Brandejs, is sculptor/programmer from Canada. Through GenPets, he has created the opportunity for people to question, where all these breakthroughs in Science is going for us humans; who is using them and for what purposes.

I suppose people nowadays, including me, don’t really question what we see or hear, maybe it’s ‘cos we are immune to any piece of news, that we don’t get as excited or worked up over something larger than our little individualistic minds, that something must be truly shocking before we are jolted out of our senses and question the validity and truth of things.

Urban legend or not (what if the urban legend is an urban legend in itself), I don’t really think it is impossible for a product such as GenPets to be a reality in the future, like in TJ’s generation perhaps. I just hope that such technology will be in the right hands and used for the right purposes, that those who have the power to make changes on a large scale will have the wisdom to do the right and ethical thing, and be discerning enough to know the difference.

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