Bringing Up TJ… Some Simulation Is Better Than None

Couple of days back, I was woken up by TJ’s cries and in my zonked state, walked over to his cot and tried patting him to sleep. Of course, he wouldn’t have it and only shushed after I carried him.

And in my *ahem* grouchy state of mind, I had a “serious” talk with him.
Me: “Why don’t you try not crying for a change? It’s not a bad thing, you know.”
TJ: *Eyes looking at me, with the occasional raising of his eyebrow*
Me: “Instead of crying each morning, shouldn’t you give mummy a smile?”
TJ: *Actually smiled at me*

I dunno if it was reflex or that he actually heard/understood me, but I would like to think he knew what I was talking about. Or perhaps it’s the intonation and the sounds of the spoken language that he enjoys listening to (TJ pays attention to whoever speaks to him). Or maybe, just maybe, he thought it was fun to wake me up that way.

At this point in his life, TJ doesn’t seem to play much. Whenever I shake the rattle or press the buttons on one of his toys, he will turn towards the sound but doesn’t seem excited. Neither will he reach out for the item, afterall he is too young to do that now.

Every morning after his 7am feed, I will leave him alone in his cot, turn on theThe  mobile to activate the music and arrange the “book” so that he can “entertain” himself. Usually he can be by himself for about 20 minutes, before whimpering for some human touch. And I would tell him, oh puhlease, be independent will u, but secretly loving this time I have with him in my arms and his body pressed so close to mine.

Since having TJ, I realise my repertoire of nursery rhymes is pathetic. The ones I can only remember are “London Bridge”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” and “Little Red Indians”. As for the others, I kinda recall bits and pieces of the words. Unfortunately for TJ, his mum isn’t the most animated person so it’s hard for her to be excited about doing the actions which go with the nursery rhymes. Anyway, I tend to talk more to him, not silly babyish language…. Small talk really. Once, I showed him how to prepare his milk, step by step. 🙂

My bro bought a 3-CD set of nursery rhymes, which is nice of him, but I can’t stand the kids singing. Prefer to let TJ listen to iL Divo, Andrea Bocelli, Justin Timberlake?!? I have also found this website on the net, which I am referring to whenever I forget the lyrics/words to the nursery rhymes.

A good friend of mine had lent me the Baby BumbleBee & Baby Einstein series. I haven’t seen all of them yet, but those that I  have seen, I am thinking, children nowadays are really fortunate to have all these media.

One thing for sure, I wouldn’t be putting TJ in front of the TV or computer all the time. He will be out and about… Incidental learning as much as possible.

And since both his dad and I are avid readers, TJ hopefully will pick up this habit. Some days, I will actually read to him, of all places, short excerpts from my Climbing mags or the Straits Times. TJ’s attention span is too short now, so it’s just maybe 5 to 10 lines at the most, depending on how quickly I read. 🙂 On a good day, TJ seems to enjoy looking at the photos while I read to him.

Looking at the cover of the Climbing mag makes me miss climbing and bouldering even more. Must bring TJ to Shek O for some bouldering next year. 😉

Lots of people have been commenting how TJ looks so much like his dad. To that, my reply would be “He doesn’t have to look like me as long as he has my intelligence.”

And D’s reply, “Hopefully TJ will have your book-smart and my street-smart.”

One response to “Bringing Up TJ… Some Simulation Is Better Than None

  1. i’m excited to take a time machine to year 2027…to see what TJ is like when he’s 20 yrs old. i’m sure he will inherit all the good traits of both his parents!

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