Do You Facebook?

When Friendster and MySpace came out, I didn’t care much about it. I reckon I can keep in touch with family and friends through my blog and emails.

It was through an ex-colleague (currently teaching in Qatar, or is it Dubai?) who sent out the Facebook invites to me and some other colleagues. I thought, why nRecess @ Old School (Check out the ot?

I must say, this is one powerful online networking tool. It not just connects friends/colleagues/even foes who are currently in my life, but it has also helped me to “find” some long-lost ones.

Well, the world is getting smaller and smaller… we are all connected one way or another, school, work, friends’ friends, locations, interests etc. Emails will reach out to the selected few; my blog is out for the world to see and Facebook has kinda bridged the in-between.

I asked D the other day about getting onto Facebook… his reply, “No time lah”. But then again, I don’t see him as the sort to do something like this, not that he guards his privacy fiercely, but well, he would rather spend the time doing other stuff than to stare at the computer again, since he does that for work. Just an update, D has gotten onto the Facebook wagon couple of days ago. 🙂 Guess he has the time now since his wife and son aren’t around to take up his time. 😛

Another friend I asked told me that she “doesn’t do Facebook”… I suppose what that means is … whatever for; what’s the point in making all these virtual connections and reduce face-to-face interactions to just bits and bytes. 

MGS Class of '92 (A Small Group Photo) @ RecessBut I am glad that it’s thru’ Facebook that a group of us MGS girls (Class of ’92) met up yesterday at our old school campus at Mt Sophia for a lil’ gathering at this cafe called ‘Recess’. I must admit, I recognised most of the faces but couldn’t remember some of their names, till later. Someone quipped that it’s been 15 years since we graduated and left after our ‘O’ Levels, and coincidentally, our table no. was “15”. It was good to meet up and do some good old face-to-face.

Old School (pun eh?)Now I need someone to tell me how to walk to “Old School” (11 Mt Sophia) from Dhoby Ghaut area (took a cab to and from “Old School”) ‘cos “Recess” is a nice cafe to spend the afternoon. Would love to take D there when he comes back, and TJ too, to visit my alma mater.

2 responses to “Do You Facebook?

  1. ok ok… i wonder if that “friend” was me… the one that “doesn’t do Facebook”…hahaha

    oh well… i do admit it has its benefits and quirks, but honestly… what happened to the good ol’ telephone or email? hahaha

    well, will be back soon, so we’ll take a LONG walk down memory lane together again at the Old School

  2. Hey… yeah, it’s u that I was talking about. Definitely looking forward to seeing u back and we will do that walk down memory lane.
    Remember it was just about 2-odd years ago when we were there…

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