Passport For TJ

We have to apply for a passport for TJ soon, as long as we can decide on the nicest head shot. Trust Sgp to come up with acronyms/abbreviations… the online system for applying the passport is called Application for Passport On-line Electronic System or APPLES for short.

Why not DURIAN?

Well I have been taking a few shots of TJ before a white background. The only way to do so without carrying him is to put him on the changing mat, which is white, and try to get him to look at the camera. And most importantly, to take the photo before he fusses and turns red. There are a few shots in which he looks extremely puzzled… must be wondering why mummy doesn’t pick him up even tho’ she has changed his clothes and/or diapers.

TJ 15 Nov 07This is my personal favourite. But we will not be able to use this one since his head has taken up too much of the photo, and the top of his head has been “cut” off.

But he has a nice lil’ smirk on that face of his, the nicest photo I have taken so far.

D has chosen this one and cropped it to the approved size for the passport application. But TJ's supposed Passport Photo 15 Nov 07frankly, I don’t really fancy it cos of obvious reasons. He looked like he is in the midst of a major poo session. 😛

Around 5-plus, after wiping him down and putting on his A better alternative for TJ's passportsleepwear, I took another shot again. This one, hmm, is a potential candidate for his passport. Maybe his father can consider using this latest one and crop it instead of the “Poo Face” one.

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