Dear Tyler (III)

TJ, 2 Weeks OldCome Friday, 16 Nov, you would be exactly 2 months old. It seems not too long ago when you were still in my womb, and now, you are a reality, a living and breathing one.

Because of work, your dad misses you a great deal whenever he returns to HK after spending a week or so with us. He looks forward to seeing and holding you each time he returns, and finds it hard to leave you. You are his favourite person now, and your photos can be found on his mobile and as his MSN display picture. And of course, your dad has been most wonderful during those late night feeds, ‘cos he would be the one to prepare the milk and refill the hot water in the cup when it cooled.

You, on the other hand, enjoy sleeping in your dad’s arms and even on his lap. Last Sunday, you were being difficult and fussing so much and when your dad thought it was safe to put you back on your bed, you cried so hard while trying to grab your dad’s shirt, hair and all. It shocked your dad so much, ‘cos you didn’t want to be separated from him.

Tyler, you are definitely your father’s son… your looks and mannerisms are becoming more like him each day. You tend to stretch your arms and legs alot and when you do that, you would grunt a little and turn red in the face. The other day, when you did that, your dad did exactly the same thing, which I thought was cute. And for a two-month-old baby, you move a lot while you sleep even though you are sleeping on your tummy (cos you startle yourself awake if you sleep on your back). One moment you would kick the thin blanket away from your legs, and another moment you would have moved to another part of the bed. A few times, you woke up crying cos you had reached the opposite side of the cot and had hit your head against it. 🙂

Sleepyhead 7 Nov 07I, on the other hand, have spend every waking hour (and those barely awake ones too) with you. Still, I marvel at how you have grown. You are now quite heavy and it doesn’t help that you are still so active, which makes it quite hard to carry you at times. In fact, you enjoy being carried around, not just by me or your dad, but anyone would do.

You are more aware of your environment now, and those big eyes of yours are constantly looking around during the day time. Your cheeks are more puffy, and so are your legs. And you now have a “milk belly”, which when massaged, relaxes you quite abit. You do smile a bit more now, and it seems like you do understand when people talk to you.

Now,  I am “training” you to poo after your 7 am feed, if you hadn’t done your business while drinking your milk. It seems like you know what you have to do when I make the sound that signals it’s time to poo. So far, it has worked a few times. 🙂

It will be another few months before we return to HK, and I am looking forward to it since we will be a family again. Maybe you will not remember much, but I know that your 外婆(maternal grandma) and 舅舅(my brother) will miss you lots when you leave, since they have spent so much time with you.

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  1. tyler so cute and chubby!!!!

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