Family Reunited For A Week… The Week’s Roundup

Each time D comes back to Sgp to be with Tyler and I, the weekends are usually filled with things to do, especially since D works during the week so as to “save” his limited days of leave.

Sat 3 Nov 07:
I took TJ back to our home in Pasir Ris (since D went straight there the night before from the airport), mainly to meet up with D and to give my MIL the opportunity to meet her grandson.

D waited for us at the void deck, and I remember the first thing he asked, after we had shared a quick kiss, was “Can I carry TJ?” Haiz, he does miss his son, lots, but what to do, this temporary separation is a necessary one.

MIL and her maid went goo goo ga ga over the young boy, who was asleep most of the time. After that, we did some errands before heading back to my mum’s place at Sgn Nth.

Sun 4 Nov 07:
D and I treated his side of the family to a buffet lunch at Ellenborough Cafe (Merchant Court) to thank them for their gifts and angpows and also to do the customary TJ’s first month celebrations. It’s a low key event, just family. TJ basically slept thru’ the whole thing (he seems to sleep lots whenever we are out and about) and cried only when his lunch wasn’t served promptly.

MIL did ask me why I didn’t invite my parents… I told her that they had other plans, mainly my dad, for that day. Truth is, D and I did think of having both sides of the family together, but decided against it at the last minute. Maybe we felt that it’s kinda weird/awkward.

On the way to the hotel, the freaking CTE was jam packed, at around 11.45am, on a Sunday. Even with the ERP, people are still driving and going to town. Does the gahmen know that the CTE serves lots of neighbourhood, and could be the only way out to town for a no. of them. The journey, which would be a 20min one, ended up to be at least an hour. Not surprisingly, we were late for lunch.

Lunch was awright, food was ok, that durian dessert which Ellenborough Cafe serves is still pretty good and filling.

Thurs 8 Nov 07 (Deepavali Public Hol in Sgp):
D still worked on this day, except he worked from home. At about 6pm, my side of the family had dinner at House of Hunan (Novena Square). Food was pretty good and it wasn’t too expensive.

After the dinner, the boys (i.e. D and my bro) shopped at the Adidas factory outlet and bought some stuff. Nothing really caught my eye, except for this pair of shoe that I felt would be great for my “return to gym” day this coming week. But there wasn’t any that was my size, and I didn’t like the rest.

On the way back, TJ fussed quite abit in the cab ‘cos it was way past his bedtime and he was in his “lao kai” mode. Otherwise he was pretty good throughout the outing.

Fri 9 Nov 07:
D worked from home again.

There was this dinner that was organised by my JC mate, but I decided not to attend since (1) this would be the only day I could spend some couple-time with D later at night (since we couldn’t make it on Wed as he had his conference call with his colleagues from NYC, London and HK (2) TJ had been kinda difficult last couple of nights and I thought it best to be home for the 2 men in my life.

Our couple-time started at 8pm, after I fed TJ his 7pm feed and put him to sleep. Just spending the time together, without TJ around, was refreshing enough even tho’ it was just a simple dinner at the AMK Hub’s Kopitiam foodcourt. While at AMK Hub, we bought a bigger bathtub for TJ (cos my mum says the one we are using now is getting too small for him) and some cool/hip outfit from Fox Kids (a woollem sweater, a hoodie, 2 long-sleeved shirts and a pair of pants).

Sat 10 Nov 07:
Our lil’ family went to Tampines Mall as I wanted to check out the BabyBjorn baby carrier at the Mothercare outlet. I have already gotten the baby sling as a gift but I can’t The Sling I got... love the colour seem to figure out how to use it. And when I try putting TJ into the sling, he didn’t seem quite happy since he is such a fussypot when it comes to the positions he likes to be carried in. And I kinda worried about his back when he is in the sling, not quite sure if it is good for his posture. Or maybe I am just not using it correctly. Still I think this sling will be good when he is older when he can sit in it rather than being in a cradle hold.

Since TJ has gotten quite a princely sum of ang pow (lai see) from his uncles, aunties and MIL, and he seems to like being carried like a possum nowadays, I reckoned I might as well get another carrier and the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Active (S$247) will be a good alternative. Ok, it is expensive, even more than the Combi stroller we got, but we reckon it has good back support and we could use it again for our next kid (and save it for my brother’s). 🙂 And I could alternate between this and the sling I got, especially when TJ is older.

So far, I have been using it at home, kinda like training TJ to enjoy being in it and having my hands free to do other stuff while he is being “carried”.

Later, we took TJ  back home to Pasir Ris again, partly to collect D’s lil’ trolley bag and do some packing before he leaves again on the 12 Nov. MIL was out, so she didn’t get the chance to see TJ.

Once we got home, it was a mad rush to top-tail TJ, shower and get ready to go out again for a friend’s engagement party. Of course we didn’t take TJ along with us, since it would be way past his bedtime. The engagement party was held at her parens’ place at Cluny Park, it’s a huge place, more a mansion than bungalow and they have the Botanic Gardens as part of their landscaped garden. We were there some years back before they redo the house, and this new house really opens up the entire place even more.

11 Nov Sun
We first had lunch with our insurance agent and her family at Cedele Wheelock and chatted till near TJ’s feed at 4pm. Before checking out books at Borders, we changed TJ’s diapers and fed him at the baby care room near the kids’ section.

I intend to resume my exercise routine at the Serangoon CC gym near my mum’s place, and needed a pair of shoes. Before returning home, we dropped by at the Nike shop near Isetan Scotts (having gone to see a few other shops before this) and settled on the Nike Flex Run MSL which wasn’t too expensive.

12 Nov Mon
D’s UA flight was at 6.50am and we intended to wake up at 3.30am just to have some time to ourselves while D had his early breakfast. However we didn’t manage to wake up at that time, in fact, TJ actually woke us up cos he was due for his 4am feed. That was how tired we were.

After getting the milk ready for me while I tended to TJ and waited till TJ finished his milk, D got ready to leave and wouldn’t be back till the 2nd week of Dec for TJ’s baptism (9 Dec). That would be a short weekend trip, but better than nothing and definitely miles better than having to wait till Christmas.

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