D is home again…

Heheh, yeah, it seems like it was not too long ago when he was back (his surprise trip about 2 wks ago).

With the help of our hairstylist and his stewardess wife, D got a standby tic on Business Class with United Airlines. The only gripe is that we wouldn’t know if his seat is confirmed until he actually checks in at the airport. So for a few days, we were sure if he was even coming home and comtemplated on booking a Jetstar seat just in case.

Anyway, our lil’ family is reunited for a week and for this week, D is still working so as not to waste his leave. He would be working out of his clients’ offices (either JWT or Y&R) and I am planning for some galivanting with him and TJ during the weekends. 🙂

Just today, I took TJ back to our place at Pasir Ris, partly cos D stayed the night there after flying in and also to let my MIL take a look at her grandson. The last time she saw him was at the hospital when he was just 2 days old. Later, D and I took TJ to the church columbarium to pay respects to D’s dad.

Some other errands that we did were to buy TJ’s formula milk, Enfalac A+ Stage 1, at West Plaza. According to a good friend, the milk powder is sold slightly cheaper than say, NTUC. In a way, if I happened to be in the vicinity, I supposed it would be a good buy at S$31.30 per tin (900g). However if I would to make a deliberate trip and take the cab there and back again, there wouldn’t be much of a saving. Incidentally, I had emailed Mead Johnson to find out if Enfalac is known as Enfamil in HK. Just for comfirmation ‘cos D couldn’t find any Enfalac but saw lots of Enfamil. And well, it’s true…. same product, different names.

At Whitesands, D bought a few GNC products from the GNC outlet. Again, we made some comparisons between the GNC stuff here and those in HK. There is definitely more variety here in S’pore, especially the stuff that D takes for his gym routine; also the GNC membership in S’pore has more perks (eg 20% discount on the products on any day) as compared to those in HK (20% discount on the products only on the 1st Wednesday of the month).

And tomorrow, buffet lunch at Ellenborough Cafe with D’s side of the family, TJ’s belated 1st month celebration. Just a small family thing. And also to give my mum a break from taking care of TJ. 🙂

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