Some Things We Skyped About

D and I are back to using Skype to chat and see each other via the webcam on most nights, when TJ is sleeping. During the day, it will be the trusty MSN. Before, when it was just the two of us in different parts of the world, our online time would be at least an hour. Now, with TJ in our lives, whatever time we can squeeze in to connect with each other is precious. It reminds us that we are still a couple and to chat about other stuff besides TJ, diapers, poo etc.

But we still end up talking about things related to TJ…

About TJ’s sudden scream early this morning:
Me: I don’t know why he suddenly just scream at 6-plus in the morning. Scared me and my mum.
D: Maybe he was having baby nightmares.
Me: What kinda nightmares could he possibly have?
D: Ahhhhh… No MILK… No MILK!!!
Me: Duh?!?

About being together as a family again.
It’s tougher for D since he is all alone in HK and wishing he is around TJ and I. I know he is bored in HK, while I am busy being a mum so much so I just realised that has taken up so much of my life now. D, hope I haven’t been neglecting you.
D: I can’t wait for the day when I come home (in HK) and see you sitting in the Moby D (one of our beanbags from GOD) and TJ lying on the couch.
Me: More likely I will be busy cooking dinner at 5pm while TJ is asleep, feeding him after that and looking all frazzled.

About what a home means to us.
D: I don’t feel at home at your mum’s place or even at our place in Pasir Ris.
Me: Maybe it’s cos we are just passing thru’.
D: Even though our place in HK is small, but it feels like home.
Me: Thought I was the only one feeling this way.

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