Some Things That Baby Books/Ads Don’t Tell Me

1. That babies don’t always look like they are having a whale of a time and TJ looks like a tomato when he does his “I will hold my breath for as long as TJ the Tomatopossible till I turn red in the face and muster the loudest possible scream to scare all my loved ones.”
Incidentally, I try not to fall for it (my mum does) ‘cos he will be really tired and quiet after the 3rd time but my mum scares me into thinking he will get a cramp if he does that too much.

2. That TJ poos at the weirdest time of the day, like in the wee hours of the morning, when I am most zonked out but still need to clean him up. My mission statement: “No child of mine will lie in a pile of shit, unless it is just a lil’ blob, happens at 5am and the next feed is just 2 hours away.”

3. That when TJ poos, it comes in the form of  sequels. Part 1: The small “recce” splat. Part 2: The main plot, loud and full of substance. Part 3 (not all the time): Yellow river cometh. Now I don’t change his diaper rightaway but wait for a minute or two, so that he can finish his business and not waste a perfectly clean diaper. The record was using 3 diapers within 20 seconds.

4. That if TJ naps past 6.15pm, I will have a nightmare time of getting him to sleep after his 7pm feed. The constant crying and on/off dozing wear both of us down, and I must admit, there have been times I just put him on the bed and let him cry his heart out, while I get a grip on my emotions and remind myself that this will pass, after his 2230h feed.

5. That after I wipe him down at 6.15pm, I still have another 45min to keep him awake for his 7pm feed. This is so difficult since he is so sleepy and grouchy when I try ways and means to entertain him.

6. That TJ settles easily when my mum carries him, but need to cry and squirm into some weird position (head dangling over my lower arm, body contorted and legs hanging somewhere) when I carry him.

7.  That TJ makes lots of sounds while he’s asleep… grunts, whimpers, the occasional sighs. I used to think that babies are quiet when they are sleeping, apparently not. TJ has also started to “tour” around his cot when he sleeps, he will be at a different location from the 1st time when I put him to bed, especially when he sleeps on his tummy. It’s hilarious to see him hit a bolster or stuff toy as he squirms around whilst asleep.

This being the 6th week of my long journey into Motherhood, I have observed and realised a few things. Maybe it only happens to my son and I, but well, it’s enough to make me understand that not everything I read or hear is all warm and fuzzy, bed of roses, happy-ever-after sort of ending.

Everyday is different, some days are good and peaceful while others can be a nightmare. Even within the day itself, the only constant is change… Change diapers, change clothes, change his bottles, change the amount of feed, and most importantly, change my mindset that my life isn’t going to be run in an orderly, Swiss-timed manner anymore. This is especially difficult for me since I have always liked things to be organised and on schedule, and with TJ, I can have a routine but he dictates and changes it.

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