Been Out & About; New Set Of Wheels For TJ

Staying Cool Behind Daddy's OakleysSince my confinement period have ended, I have been itching to get out of the house and take TJ along with me.

After TJ’s 1st month review and jab on Thurs at the clinic, we met up with a good friend, C, and her daughter for lunch at the New York New York eatery (AMK Hub). Food was ok, service could be better. As I am looking for a suitable stroller for TJ, we went to Kiddy Palace at Toa Payoh Hub to “see see look look”.

Thanks to C, she had kindly brought along a stroller for me to put TJ and told me what to look out for in a stroller. Things like the wheel size, “foldability” of the stroller and weight. And I also realised that pushing a stroller isn’t as easy as it looks, especially negotiating the gaps between the platform and the MRT trains and taking the esclators. Going up the esclator is quite easy with practice, but I am not confident of riding down the esclator with the stroller. This day was pretty much a learning experience, a L-plate experience for me with TJ in the stroller.

Today, D and I met up with C again, with our kids in tow, to look at more strollers at the Baby Hypermart, Baby Kingdom (both at Kaki Bukit Industrial Park) and Lucky Baby (Chai Chee). At Baby Hypermart, the strollers are quite expensive since it carries brands such as Quinny (my favourite but it’s too heavy for me to carry it around on my own if taking public transport), Peg Perego and Maclaren. Over at Baby Kingdom, we saw the Combi and Capella ones, which were generally ok, both in price and quality.

Combi TM-359While at Baby Hypermart, D and I decided on the Combi TM-359 for its weight (4.9kg) and cost (S$192). Also it could be folded two-ways and generally a no-frills sort of stroller, which is ok for me. Although I have been warned that Combi strollers are generally light and would topple over if heavy stuff is draped over it. Still, I just need something that I can safely place TJ in, when my arms are tired, and still be mobile. Also, I reckon I can also go on walks with TJ in the stroller as a form of exercise and also to provide some stimulation when we are out of the house.

 We were about to purchase it when C reminded my that I have the $100 Kiddy Palace vouchers that I could use to offset the price of that stroller if we buy it from Kiddy Palace instead. She kinda remembered seeing that model at the Toa Payoh Hub outlet, where we were on Thursday.

And I am glad that C reminded me ‘cos when D and I went to Kiddy Palace, the Combi stroller was on display and it was also cheaper… very slightly cheaper at S$191.56. 🙂 That sure saved us some money, in the end I only had to pay the remaining $91.56 after using the vouchers. 🙂

We placed TJ in his new set of wheels, pushed him around just to have a feel of the stroller and get used to it. I am still uncomfortable having TJ being pushed around in front of me, ‘cos it feels ironical that a precious load like TJ will be before me, when I should be the one “protecting” him from people who are either blind or oblivious to mums and babies.

It has been quite fun these couple of days, especially since D is back in S’pore. He will be flying back on the early Jetstar flight (6.40am) on Monday, but will be back again on the 2 Nov… which is just 2 more weeks. 😉

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