TJ’s 1st Month Review & 1st Jab

Together with my mum, we took TJ to the Singapore Baby and Child Clinic (Thomson Medical Centre) for his 1st month review and to receive his 2nd Hep B shot. I had originally wanted to take some photos of him getting the jab, but Dr Ong Eng Keow wanted me to hold his arms, just in case he moved too much when the jab was administered.

Anyway, I must say, my dear boy is quite brave. He did let off a sharp but short cry when the needle poked thru’ his thigh, but it was over in such a flash, that I had lil’ time to even feel bad for him. 🙂 By the time we left the consultation room, TJ was back to his sleeping self, totally unaware of what had happened earlier. My mum thought that he was a good kid. But the real test came much later, ‘cos he had to go for a liver function test.

A lil’ background… he had that high jaundice level on the 5th day of his life and had to be warded for 2 nights at the hospital. After that, his jaundice level went down but after so many weeks, he still had those yellowness when you press his skin. Dr Ong reckoned TJ should go for the liver function test, just to make sure that his liver is functioning properly. I thought it would just be another prick on his heel, just like the earlier tests that TJ had to go thru’, but lil’ did I know what would happen next.

Again, I wanted to take photos, but couldn’t cos I had to carry my son. Duty calls…

For the liver function test, the nurse was nice enough to describe what she was going to do to TJ before she began, and even suggested that she held him instead (in case I freak out). For me, I am not afraid of needles, having been pricked dozens of times and having to inject myself daily for 6 mths years ago, I have a healthy respect for these pointy things.

So the procedure began. First the nurse held TJ’s lil’ hand firmly trying to reveal his vein before inserting the plug, which is a needle and a small plastic canister attached to it. Once the vein is revealed, she inserted the plug, at which point, TJ’s face turned bright red and he let out a sharp scream. However he quickly calmed down and did not go into a crying fit.

Still holding onto TJ’s hand tightly, the nurse squeezed his hand to get the blood flowing into 2 small tubes which would be sent to the lab. TJ hates it when he is restricted, and he grunted and tried to free his hand. I had to hold him tightly and tell him that everything will be over soon. Throughout the entire procedure, he did not fuss too much and the only cry he made was at the beginning when the needle was inserted.

That, to me, made me quite proud of TJ, ‘cos he was brave. Maybe his brain is too young to register the pain hence it didn’t bother him too much, but there were other babies who had their jabs and they were crying/screaming even after they left the room. My mum thinks her grandson is the bravest at the clinic, heheh, so do I. 🙂

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