“Are you surprised?”

I had just fed TJ and cradling him before putting him to bed at 7.50pm this evening, when my mobile phone rang. At first I thought it was my brother, who had gone out to get dinner for both of us, and probably wanted to tell me that he couldn’t get my bak chor mee. I actually wanted to just let the phone ring but decided against it.

The caller ID indicated that it was an overseas call, and I reckoned it must be D. And so it was, but what came next really blew me off.

Conversation went something like this.

D: “Girl, I will not be able to skype or msn with you tonight.”
Me: “Ok, I know, you have your conference call.”
D: “No, I am taking a flight back to S’pore.”
Me: “Huh? Now, tonight?!?”
D: “Yes, waiting for the bus ( he’s taking Jetstar and passengers take the airport bus to the tarmac where the plane is) now.”
Me: “Now? Why? How long will you stay in Singapore?”
D: “There is a public holiday on Friday and I will be working at Y&R office tomorrow. Flying back on Monday 6am”
Me: *Shocked, surprised, happy, over the moon*
D: “Are you surprised? Actually I didn’t want to tell you but I think I should, if not no one  will open the door for me later.”
Me: “Aren’t you going back home (to Pasir Ris) first?”
D: “No, I am coming straight to seeing you.”

D is scheduled to return to S’pore on the 2 Nov, and I have been counting down the days. The initial days after he left were quite difficult but I have gotten used to it. It’s these surprises that are more important than gifts. Happy days are here again. 🙂 Can’t wait to see D again later tonite.

One response to ““Are you surprised?”

  1. so sweet of D to give you a surprise by flying back. yea, i agree that it’s these surprises that are more important than gifts. enjoy your weekend with D. go out and have fun after surviving that torturing confinement period. help me say Hi to him.

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