TJ Tan’s Officially 1 Month Old Today

Since D is still in HK and will only be back 1st week of Nov, we don’t see the need to have any first month party/celebrations for TJ. For one, I don’t really like entertaining a big crowd, and have TJ being passed around like some parcel or “oogled” at like an exhibit. Besides he will probably sleep thru’ all that and funny how the so-called star of the party would be easily missed. Anyway, D and I are thinking of having dinner with both sides of the family, partly to celebrate TJ’s existence (and the fact he has survived 1 month under my care 😉 ), and also to thank our immediate families for their help and gifts.

One snip at the backStill, my mum wanted to do something special for TJ. Just Another snip on the sidebefore I bathed him, my mum snipped off some of his hair, just a tad bit. Apparently it is some Chinese custom, not quite sure the meaning, but the lil’ snip is supposed to be a good thing for TJ’s future. I have heard that some parents actually shaved their lil’ ones bald… D will “kill” me if I actually do that.  🙂 Afterall, TJ has a really nice head of hair.

My new romper & bling blingAfter his bath, I put on the romper and a pair of socks that my mum had bought for him from Cerisi. Thereafter, my mum put on the gold necklace with a teddy bear pendant for him. She had bought it just yesterday, and had spent quite a long time looking for a suitable pendant. The piggie ones didn’t appeal to her and well, my mum can be quite a fickle shopper, especially when faced with countless choices, so that would have been a long shopping trip. But anything for her fav grandson. 🙂

So now, TJ has a few bling bling, not the silver Hip Hop kind, but he has a anklet from my grandma and a necklace with a cross from my auntie.

Having spent all my time with TJ, 24/7, it still amazes me how he has grown.

His initial 2 weeks were spent just sleeping and waking up only for his feed (started with a measly 30ml which took at least 45 min to an hour to finish… and this is also when I gave up on breastfeeding cos he was such a squirmer and didn’t fancy the extra effort to suck on the nipple shield). D and I actually had more time to rest and catch up with one another during this time, and well, I suppose we thought we have a perfect kid. This was also the time when D was around; and as the day drew closer for him to return to HK, I became more emotional and was overwhelmed by the thought that I might not be able to take care of TJ on my own when D left.

That day came and went, the 3rd week was such a drag… possibly ‘cos I was sleep-deprived and my day started early and ended late. This was also the time when I got into arguments with my mum and I felt bad after each one. Somehow I got a routine going and tried to keep at it, even tho’ playtime after each feed was impossible since TJ would just droop off to sleep. But he was more awake and alert during the other times of the day, and although I felt like an idiot playing with him when he didn’t react, I suppose he was paying attention. His feed amount increased to about 60ml and I made sure I expressed regularly, not just to ensure a good supply of breastmilk for him, but also to prevent another case of engorgement.

Humans are creatures of habits, I suppose, and well, once the routine kicks in and people get used to it, things just fall into place. This week, relationship with my mum is now better when it comes to TJ’s wellbeing, and I actually appreciate the fact that she helps me out during the late night feeds. I still don’t quite figure why TJ becomes very much subdued when his grandma carries him … my mum says it’s the position which I haven’t quite grappled with yet.

TJ’s features are more prominent now, and well, he has quite an attitude. He still hates nappy change and I wouldn’t say he enjoys his baths that much. I think it is cos he feels violated when his skin is exposed. 🙂 He has mastered the art of ultimate crying, i.e. turning bright red like a tomato when he holds his breath for as long as he can managed before letting out a major scream/cry. During the daytime, I would usually just let him be when he does that, but come late nights, I really can’t afford him waking up the dead. The first time when he did that, I was afraid I would lose him cos he turned so red and held his breath for so long. 😉 Anyway, his new nickname, besides the ones his dad gave, is ‘Tomato”.

His appetite has also grown to between 90 ml to 100ml, depending on his mood. He could finish his milk in a short time like 10min or it could turn into a nightmare marathon of close to an hour. TJ now has this habit of pooing during the wee hours of the morning, instead of the more sane daytime period. And since I am not quite awake at that time, it can be very frustrating cleaning up after him, and worse, after I have cleaned him once, TJ would have to poo again. And the “best” thing that could happen, be squirted by liquid yellow poo. Haiz.

Still I love TJ all the same, poo and all. 🙂

2 responses to “TJ Tan’s Officially 1 Month Old Today

  1. Wait till u see the dark greenish liquified poo… that one really made my day… =)

  2. Yuck… I read that in your blog… quite gross. But I have seen my son’s hardened green poo, tat came about with too much formula milk. 🙂 It was quite difficult to “chisel” that off his butt.

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