Mocca “Bodybuilder” & M1 “Indian Restaurant” Ads

This is one ad that I don’t know whether I hate it or love it… still it cracks me up whenever I see it on TV. I must give it to the bodybuilder actor in the ad, he must have such courage or major ego issue to don that skimpy leopard print briefs and flexing his muscles.

For those who don’t know what Mocca is… it is an online buy/sell classified ad, similar to ebay, and set up by Mediacorp.

The other ad that is hilarious is the one by M1. I like this one for its simplicity, tho’ it seems very much a monologue, but the storyline comes out so clear. The Indian actor is also a natural. 😉

2 responses to “Mocca “Bodybuilder” & M1 “Indian Restaurant” Ads

  1. YA!!! Both are my favourites too!!! I’ll crack up when I see the “Bombay yah! Bombay!” My hubby is ever amused at the “matching pipes”. HAHAHAHHA

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