Our Lil’ Family

D, Me & lil' TJ (with his teddy bear)Not the most glam covershot of the year… but this will do for now.

Since D will be returning to HK tomorrow and will only be back again at the end of Oct, we reckon we should do a family pic (especially since TJ’s awake) before time flies to oblivion and TJ would have grown and changed by the time his dad returns.

I don’t think we are all prepared for the shot… see our eyebags 😉

As of today, we have been parents for 13 days and nites. It hasn’t been easy, but I think we will do just fine.

Next week onwards, TJ and I will be walking down this journey together while his dad is back in HK to bring in the dough and bacon. I have been telling TJ not to forget his dad’s face and voice…. till his doting dad returns again on the 26 Oct to see his precious son…. and wife too.

I do have reservations on whether I will be able to pull off this immense task on my own, without D’s help especially during the graveyard shift. But I am sure it will be just fine, and hopefully TJ will attest to that.

One response to “Our Lil’ Family

  1. Aiyoh! TJ looks so cute here! Look at the hair!
    So what number to SMS or call you? I assume D is using the mobile. Too exposed for comfort here. :))

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