Some Pressies

My mum and I were at Ang Mo Kio Hub (AMK Hub) on Saturday. I needed someone to shop for baby supplies, who better than your own mum? I reckoned she hasn’t gone shopping in a while (my dad isn’t the shopping kind) and this would be a good opportunity for her to get out of her routine. Well, it’s been a while since both of us been out alone. 🙂

My mum wanted to get 2 outfits for TJ and we found some nice-looking and cheap outfits at Cerisi, one when he turns 1 month old and another slightly larger one for maybe Chinese New Year ’08. Apparently there is some kinda maternal grandmother custom which required my mum to buy other items like a blanket, a cap and mittens too. Other than the “fashionable” apparel that my mum bought, I bought one outfit on behalf of my MIL (who had told me to get one cos she probably thinks it’s best that I buy one that I like) and some PJs, especially long pants for those cold nights.

Besides the clothes, my mum paid for a Jolly Jumper Deluxe Rocking Bouncer (Item #310). The quality looks good, unlike the one that my bro used when he was still a baby 27 years ago. Besides the comfy cushion, there are 7 different positions that I can set, and it is light but sturdy. My mum had been telling me that I should get something like this, but I reckoned maybe I would get a 2nd-hand one in HK. So it was a nice surprise when she said she will pay for it. The cost S$99.90… the usual price was $129.  And oh, I would have prefered this colour combination, cos it is similar to my baby sling, but the brown/beige combination that she bought is nice too.

We bought this bouncer at Mums & Babes,while there, I also ordered the playpen mattress ($29.90 3″thick), some bedsheets, pillow and bolster cases. The playpen that I am getting is 2nd-hand and doesn’t come with a mattress, but since it has somewhat a non-generic measurements, I had to order and have it made. The lady was supposed to call me today to confirm the bedsheet designs but I didn’t hear from her. Think I will call her tomorrow.

After that, we went to the NTUC Hypermart in the basement to get some necessities. I bought nappy liners, cotton wool, powder container, baby nail scissors, bottle/teat brush and washable nappies (for home swaddling). All these purchases came up to about S$77 but I used the NTUC gift vouchers that I got as free gift when I bought my LG LCD at Comex to offset this amount. I gave the remaining vouchers to my mum cos I reckoned she will use it to shop at NTUC more than me anyway.

All in all, it was a good shopping trip.

And I must also mention this other gift. Earlier in the week, an ex-colleague gave me this book and told me that I should read to TJ starting now. 🙂 Er, ok, but the rest of the text doesn’t have hanyu pinyin leh…

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