Domain 21

My stylo-mylo shotYesterday, I was at a JC mate’s new bachelor pad. In a way, it was supposed to be a housewarming of some sort, but it was more like a small JC gathering. Anyway, I invited myself to his lil’ “party” since I wasn’t invited… well actually, he didn’t know I was back and I heard it from the grapevine instead. Unfortunately, this mate of mine wasn’t clear with his messages and everyone didn’t expect that there would be a BBQ later that evening, and we already had plans… wonder what he did with the BBQ order for about 20 pax. 😉

He was away on a business trip for the whole week and only returned on Saturday night, but his mum, together with the maid(s), helped to set up his place with some bare essentials. Anyway, best not to clutter the 2-bedroom apt with far to many things cos the full-length glass windows help to brighten the place up and great view all around. Actually the other reason not to clutter the place is that he may just rent the place out (very good rental prices now… 4-digit figure).

Domain 21 is a new private 99-year condo development at Lower Delta. His mum pointed out to me that once you cross this particular small road (can’t remember which), you would have crossed from District 3 (where Domain 21 is situated) to District 9. 

A couple of my JC frens got into the wading pool and tried the water cannons. They Firing the water cannonswanted to know the firing range, so much for a Science/Physics experiment. Unfortunately the mechanism is kinda new and the gals had to use all their might to turn the dial before firing. 😉

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