Errands Tuesday, Loads Of Waiting

1. Saw the gynae, Dr Adrian Tan (TMC), in the morning.
Appt time was 0930 but didn’t get to see him till about an hr later. Have you ever wonder why, 80% of the time, we don’t see the docs at the actual appt time even tho’ we are on time?!?

Anyway, TJ is fine, he was moving quite a bit before the scan, but quietened down during the consultation. Seems like his head is kinda facing downwards now (r u ready to see the world, the one that your dad and I will show you?!?), one of his hands was on his cheek as he snoozed away. Cute 🙂 

Currently 4.85 pounds (about 2.2kg) and growing up nicely.  Thank God for that. Normal is good. But it would be good if you, TJ, can stop pressing down on my bladder, it gets a bit inconvenient when I can’t find a toilet. 😉

I asked doc a couple of qns, namely peanut allergy since I have been eating Skippy Chunky Peanut butter quite regularly. He said it will not affect the fetus now, but if I do breastfeed, I could try a lil’ and see if TJ has any reaction towards it. If he doesn’t, then he will not have peanut allergy. Anyway, I had read some articles on this, that if both parents don’t have a history of peanut allergy in their respective families, the kid shouldn’t be allergic to it.

Except right now, I wouldn’t know if I can breastfeed (although I want to) until after my blood test result is out in another 2 wks. If I have Hep E, the recommendation is not to breastfeed as the Hep E virus is more infectious and will affect the baby. Keeping my fingers crossed.

2. Conversion of my HK driving licence to Sgp driving licence 
D and I were at Comfort Delgro Driving Centre (Ubi) to convert my licence. At 11.10am, we were at the counter at L2 with the queue no. 52. Later D found the queue no. 49 that someone had given up and D took that no. instead.

And we waited and waited, for 3 hours of my life, I “wasted” it there. Reason is that the counter, although helmed by 3 personnels, is not just used for conversion of foreign driving license. Learner drivers also go there to apply for the Provisional Driving License (PDL) and other matters pertaining to L-platers. And what was worse… the 3 ladies who are in charge of the counter would take turns to go for lunch, and there was a period when there was only 1 lady managing the counter while at least 15 people were waiting for their turn.

By the time it was my turn, even at queue no. 49, it was almost 3pm. The seats, by the way, were horrible and tortured by butt. I just couldn’t find a good spot, and they were definitely not good for pregnant ladies. Anyway, the entire procedure to convert the license only took about 10 minutes (there are some documents that you need to facilitate the conversion) and I will be getting my Sgp licence in another 2 weeks via snail mail. 🙂 The sad thing is my one year probation (must put P plate if I drive) starts on the day when my licence is converted, i.e. 28 Aug and not the day when I passed my driving test in HK (8 Jan). Drats.

I do think the service and the entire waiting time should be improved, but this is one of those things whereby you can’t just march up to the personnel and complain about the wait. ‘Cos they have that power to make things difficult for you even more, worst case scenario… you can’t get your licence at all. That will sux. 🙂

3. Visit To Honda ICVS S’pore, Park Mall
D had signed up to be a member with the Honda Diracc car-sharing membership with Honda ICVS. The Diracc is an environmentally-friendly hybrid Honda Civic which uses both petrol and electricity. If I am not wrong, it uses petrol to run and when deccelerating, it will recharge itself. The car is generally in good condition, and the interior is pretty plush, soft leather seats, wooden-panel dashboard etc. Not bad at all.

Anyway, this is just one option, besides renting a car, since we will still be in HK mostly Touch-Screen Panel inside the carhence it is not necessary to own a car in Sgp. Moreover, Honda ICVS allows probational licence holders to be a member, whereas some car-rental shops don’t allow P-plate drivers to rent their cars. Generally, I think it is abit more expensive to drive the Diracc but then again, it’s an environmentally friendly car.

The Honda ICVS a/c mgr gave us an orientation and showed us how to access the car at Park Mall carpark etc. And after about 30 minutes, it was done and I also signed up as a supplementary member. I would have to go for a refresher later on, especially on driving auto cars, since the last time I drove was during my driving test in Jan.

4. Hainanese Chicken Rice & Sunny Bookstore @ Far East Plaza
D and I had a late lunch at the chicken rice store. I wouldn’t say it serves the best chicken rice (S$3.50/HK$17.50 pax) but I like their salted vegetable and duck soup. 🙂 Actually I think the quality of the chicken rice has gone down a lil’ but the soup is still nice.

The main reason why we went to Far East Plaza was to go to Sunny Bookstore, which sells secondhand books. I remembered I could sell my old books, although that was years ago, and thought I would get rid of some of our books that we have at home. Unfortunately, Sunny doesn’t buy books anymore (reason is they have too many) and it hasn’t done so for a while. Sigh… D and I had to lug the books back home after that.

5. Borders & Cedele @ Wheelock Place
D wanted to get some books from Borders, especially computer books for his office library. In the end, he didn’t see any computer books but bought something else for himself. By this time, I was kinda tired and sat down most of the time. But the benches were too hard and I was getting uncomfortable.

Mega BeastsAnyway I am tempted to get the Encyclopedia Prehistorica (so far, there are 3 books in this series, Dinosaurs, Sharks & Sea Monsters and Mega Beasts). I saw the one on Mega Beasts in Page One HK, but still thinking if I should get it in Borders (only saw the one on Dinosaurs and Mega Beasts). It cost about S$43 and if I am not wrong, it costs about HK$250, which is about the same. But maybe will get D to check out the price in HK first b4 I buy in Borders later. I like to keep books, especially books that are interesting and this one is a pop-up hardcover book.

By the time we were done, I was parched and needed some sugar rush. At 5.30pm, it was too early for dinner, especially since we were still full from our late lunch. Instead D had his usual latte, I had the mango soda float and we both shared the dessert platter (Espresso Pecan Mocha Cheesecake, Choc Banana Cake, Choc Raspberry Tart and Tiramisu). My fav… the cheesecake. 🙂

And that was kinda my dinner, cos I didn’t have anything else later at night. Still full at that time.

5. Long Bus Ride Home (Service No. 5)
We spotted this bus while about to take the train to Bishan before taking another bus home from there. And Bus No. 5 will take us all the way back to Pasir Ris Interchange from the bus stop outside Royal Plaza on Scotts, I thought why not.

When we got on the bus, it was about 7pm and when we finally alighted, it was after 8pm. Too long a ride. The journey was ok from Scotts Rd to Ubi via PIE expressway, but once it reaches Ubi, the bus just went on a round-about route that took us to Kaki Bukit, abit of Tampines, some part of Simei, quite a bit of Changi Point before returning to Pasir Ris. D vowed never again. 😉

So that ends our little adventure in S’pore yesterday… I need to “recuperate” from all that today. 🙂

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