Gateway To The World & “Popped” TV

Before D left for HK 3 yrs ago, we cancelled our broadband subscription. And since then, whenever we returned home and stayed for about a week or so, we tend to just take our notebooks and tapped into any free wifi hotspots or use my brother’s broadband at my mum’s place.

But now that I will be staying in our Pasir Ris apt for at least a month before delivery, I need the broadband to be back… I need to be CONNECTED. Especially since D will be returning to HK this Sunday and I will not be able to see him till end of Sept. We reckon we will stay in touch via Skype (oh, that brings back memories) and our webcams. Free communication and save money on phonecalls. I will be doing that when I stay at my mum’s place after TJ is born and all the way till Feb 08, except I will be tapping into my bro’s broadband.

Anyway we went to Starhub, Plaza Sing, yesterday after church and signed up for the FlexiSurf package. Broadband connection speed is quite good, currently at 54 Mbps via the wireless router. We chose FlexiSurf By Day plan at $2.50 per day, which is quite affordable. Since I will only be using this for a month, it makes sense to choose a package like this, one which allows me to decide when to use and pay for the usage.

Motorola Cable Modem & Aztech Wireless RouterAt Starhub, we had to purchase the Motorola Cable Modem (about S$101) and later on, D bought the Aztech Wireless Broadband router (S$65) from the Challenger shop at Whitesands. D decided to buy the Aztech one, even tho’ I suggested that we sticked with Linksys products (since all our broadband stuff that we use in HK are Linksys ones). He thinks we could just try another brand, just to see how it performs.

So far, the broadband is good… I am pleased with it. It gives me something else to do at home, and gives me the reason to stay in my room (with the door opened of course so as not to appear rude and anti-social) while my MIL is watching her cable. Sigh, it will be a long 3-plus weeks before D returns home again. Missing him now.

Besides the important internet connection, I bought a relatively low-priced, S$99, JVC DVD player (XV-N352S) from Best Denki. Since I will be home alone most of the time, and my MIL watches the TV in the living room most of the time too, I need some visual entertainment myself. There is only so much reading and playing PSP that I will do… besides taking the occasional naps. 😉

I woke up this morning, thinking that I should just connect my new dvd player to the “ancient” Toshiba TV in our bedroom and try it out. Thought I should just do it and not wait for D to do it since he had spent some time fixing up the broadband yesterday. Nothing difficult, but with my growing tummy in the way, it was abit difficult and tiring to squat and squeeze in the space between the cabinet and wall. But I managed to do it, and played a couple of dvds, which was a success.

Anyway, the TV in our bedroom is at least 8 years old, and we haven’t use it the last 3 yrs. But I reckon it still works, so I think…

My great plan was to watch some dvds later this afternoon before meeting D for dinner, and told D about it when I heard a loud “pop” behind me. At first I thought a silly bird must have flown into the window again, but I didn’t see any blood-splattered pool on my Our ancient Toshiba TV with the DVD player just below itwindow. Instead I smelt something burning, and saw smoke coming out of the TV. Drats, the silly TV had exploded. I quickly switched off the mains, and left my fan blowing at it to get rid of the smell.

Thank God there wasn’t any fire, and later I went to find out more about electrical fire and what to do if electrical appliances catch fire. Important thing to note: Do not use water since water conducts electricity and will aggravate the fire. Instead, use a CO2 fire extinguisher, except I don’t have that at home. And turn off the mains.

So now, instead of just spending the minimal amount on a simple dvd player to use with the existing TV. I now have to spend additional to buy another TV, which will most likely be a LCD one. D and I will be checking that out later this evening… Haiz.

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