Weird Emails

Received this email yesterday and ignored it.

from   hide details  Aug 20 (23 hours ago) 
date Aug 20, 2007 1:47 PM  
subject Grammar Table  

Dear Christ, how are you?


Remember me? I am Ashraf Sulaiman, one of your English class – Spoken (15-17 Aug, 2007) participants. How’s the English written class today? How is Datuk Abu? Hopefully you enjoy teaching the class with Datuk’s around.


However Christ, I need to have the Grammar Table to further enjoy learning English especially grammar. If possible could you please recommend any books which is suitable for my learning.


Hope to see you again in the English Class – Written.


Lastly, send my warmest regards to Datuk Abu.


And for you Christ, thank you for being our lecturer and showing us the easiest and beautiful way of learning the English language.


Thank you so much.



Yours sincerely,


Ashraf Sulaiman



P.S  Please correct me if I am wrong.

And received another one today  (exactly the same email as above but was emailed to me at 8.29am)… decided to email this chap to tell him I am not “Christ”.

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