D Is One Year Older

Yet another year, this is the 12th time I have celebrated D’s birthday. Heheh. I had asked him if he remembered the first time we celebrated his b’day, and none of us had the foggiest idea. We reckoned we didn’t do much then, that is why we can’t remember. 😉

I treated him to dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House (no outlet in S’pore and I didn’t want to go to Morton’s, would prefer to go to a place which isn’t found in S’pore). I had heard and read some good review of this restaurant, and well, D deserves as close to the best that I can afford. 🙂 We each took the set menu, D ordered the 12 oz fillet steak while I took the smaller 8 oz fillet, both medium well (I usually would ask for my steak to be medium rare, but currently not allowed to eat rare meat cos of TJ). Besides the steak, we had sides like clam chowder soup, au gratin spinach, mash potatoes, Wolf Blass sparkling wine (apertifs and D took my share, I can’t drink cos of TJ), vanilla and chocolate ice-cream for desserts and of course coffee and tea to round things up. Total bill was HK$1650/S$330 for an excellent food, polite and great service. And of course, my company is priceless. 🙂

I always think medium well steak is probably way too cooked for my liking, but I am Steak, au gratin spinach (on the left) and mash potatopleased that it wasn’t, there was a slight pinkish centre but the meat was still succulent and soft when I bite into it. Some people who are used to seeing the side dishes piled together with their steak will find it odd that when our steaks were served, it was just steak on a very hot white plate. No garnish, nothing. And our steak was just seasoned with pepper, salt, a lil’ parsley and butter. No need for any spices and I didn’t even ask for mustard, ketchup or A1 sauce, ‘cos those things will just spoil the pure taste of the steak.

It was a great dinner, just the 2 of us ‘cos TJ was absolutely quiet and wasn’t kicking at all. Maybe he reckons he was too active during my spa treatment at Ellespa and should leave daddy and mummy alone for some time together. Good boy 😉

Besides the dinner, I had bought D his b’day gift, an Xbox 360, on the day when I went for Artjamming with my colleagues.

Happy b’day, D, hope you have many more good years to come… with me and TJ in your life of course. 🙂

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