Bookworm Cafe @ Lamma

While D was doing his DM duty somewhere in Sai Kung waters, I had lunch with my good friend at Bookworm Cafe on Lamma Island. It was a good way to spend the day, and I was glad that I was at the cafe before 12 noon so it wasn’t too crowded at that time. Soon the island and cafe were filled up with weekenders and tourists.

Bookworm Cafe is a quaint lil’ eatery which serves vegan and organic food. And of course there are lots of books and mags (English and Chinese ones) in the cafe to browse while having lunch.

 Since I was there a lil’ earlier than my friend, I ordered a Mango Lassi, which tasted kinda salty (dunno why) but it was refreshing enough. Later on when my friend arrived, we ordered full vegan breakfast (HK$60/S$12: Includes eggs, although I chose scrambled tofu instead, vegan bacon, patty, mushrooms, tomatos, baked beans, bagels, tea or coffee). Total bill was HK$225/S$45 for both of us.

We took a lil’ walk after lunch before taking the 1.45pm ferry back to Central piers and spent some time just hanging out at IFC.

It was generally a good way to spend the day, rather than just lazing around at home waiting for D to return home. I am going to miss these free and easy days … 🙂

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