Shopping @ Toys ‘R’ Us

D and I were at Toys ‘R’ Us (CityPlaza, Tai Koo) just before dinner, basically to look for a B’day gift for a good friend’s daughter (turning 1 later this month, and we will be back in time for her lil’ B’day bash).

After about 10 minutes of walking around and realising that if we don’t consider Mattel and Fisher Price toys, there isn’t really much left. 🙂 But then again, how not to? Almost everything is made in China now. Haiz.

So in the end, we settled on a Playskool toy (Hasbro, but still made in China). Not telling what it is, but I like it. Maybe it’s a teacher thing, I am particular about toys as I prefer it to be educational and fun to play. Moreover I am into gadgets, so the toy had better capture as many of my 5 senses as possible. 🙂
Sorry, mother of the b’day girl, if you are reading this…. your girl will only see the pressie when I see her next week. 🙂 Besides ‘cos of your daughter, I have a good reason to go to Toys ‘R’ Us.

Of course there were lots of kids and parents in the shop, come to think of it, there were also a good number of teenagers. I was observing some parents/grandparents/maids who “gleefully” passed toys to their lil’ ones or get the toddler to sit on the little car. I thought that was kinda cruel cos if you aren’t buying that, don’t give the kid the false hope that he/she will be having it, especially after playing or sitting in it. 🙂

We somehow stumbled onto the infant section and was very close to getting the mattress (HK$99/S$19) for the cot, the length is ok but the width is about 15cm longer than the cot. D will check out other alternatives. Since I am on the subject of mattress, we went to Ikea last Sunday hoping to get one, but the silly size is way too big. It fits all Ikea cots, which means, the size is odd.

Instead of the mattress, I got an Easy-Wrap Swaddler with blue whales (HK$99/S$19) printed all over it. Yeah, I know, a simple cloth/towel will do, but I am thinking of D, who may have a problem with swaddling TJ with a cloth. Actually, I like the colour and the prints, the price was ok. I thought, what the heck, I haven’t bought many new things for TJ, since most stuff he has now are hand-me-downs, he might as well have something new.

Just before we paid, D stopped by at the Tomy section and I spotted a model Suzuki Swift Sport (Scale 1/60). His good friend has just gotten that car (colour of his car is gun-metal though, but I suppose if he wants, he can spray paint this lil’ yellow one) and I thought it will make a nice lil’ gift for him. I couldn’t find any Nissan Latio Sport though, another friend of ours will be getting her car this weekend.

It’s quite a fun trip actually, relaxing and enjoyable. 🙂

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