Dear Tyler (II)

Now that you are at a “grand old age” of 30 weeks, and that we have gotten to know each other much better, I suppose it’s time for another letter.

When I wrote the first letter, your dad and I didn’t know whether you were a boy or girl and decided to call you Happy Feet, since I had just begun to feel you move in me. Those were subtle times, lil’ rumbles and “mumbles” even, and I found myself looking forward to feeling you. For one, it’s a confirmation of the fact that you are real. Two, you are assuring me that everything is ok inside. For that, I thank God each day.

Now, your power and strength are quite remarkable for a lil’ fellow. I suppose you do tire me out more so the last couple of weeks. The kicks, punches and somersaults that you do at regular times of the day have now made me stop in my tracks. Not forgetting the fact that you are now my inbuilt alarm clock, kicking me awake at 9am each day. Gone are the days when I will sleep past 11. I suppose those days have disappeared once your dad and I decided to have you.

I know you don’t like it when I sleep on my right side, ‘cos you will give me the subtle pokes. Sometimes I ignore you when you do that, and the pokes will be more intensed, forcing me to roll over to my left, which incidentally is also my favoured position. Well, I just want to “play” with you and see who will last longer. 🙂

The other day at church, when we were singing and the music was loud, you seemed to be having a blast. I could see my entire tummy moving and rolling about and I like to imagine you were dancing in there. I sure hope you grow up to love God and love music, but I know this is something your dad and I have to help you with.

Your dad has been telling you to give me a break and not disturb me too much with your “kungfu”. He will remind you to go to sleep and chill, and frankly, I will miss seeing your dad speak to you when I am alone in S’pore waiting out the last month before you and I actually meet. I just hope you will not forget his voice when you next see him in Oct.

So Tyler, our Happy Feet, it’s been an amazing ride so far. And your dad and I thank you for being in our lives.

Dad and Mum

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