Things I need To Do B4 I Return To SGP

Now that I don’t have to think about work (no more lesson preps, markings, setting of SA papers etc) for a while, I am supposedly free to do whatever, whenever and however I want.


This is just the 3rd day of my sloth-filled days. But already a list of stuff that I didn’t get down to doing (cos of work) have been running thru’ my mind. I need to do all these b4 I return to SGP (there will be another list for stuff to do in SGP, mainly baby stuff) and it’s only another 3+ wks.

The List (HK): In order of importance
1. Complete all video-editing
Lindeman, Blue Mts Jul 05, Diving @ Bali Oct 2006, Rock Climbing @ Krabi Dec 06

2. Sort out all Climbing, Diving, Motorbike Mags
Which ones to keep, to throw and to give away to frens – Need D’s help

3. Backup all files done the last 2 yrs onto DVDs

4. Confirm the Confinement Nanny candidate when the various agencies get back to me 
Getting one even tho’ I will be staying at my mum’s place, but mum works in the day and she insists on one to take care of me and baby, so that I can rebuild my health and rest. Frankly, I don’t really want to spend that money, but in order to reassure her and get her off my back on this, I will do it. Currently, the rates I have seen is about S$2.3k. Drats… so ex

5. Create P1 Parents Math Workshop powerpoint slides for school
This is a project that my school has asked me to do and I am supposedly paid for it. Except I don’t know how to charge them. The Math HOD told me to quote by the hr, but how? I don’t know how to quote?!? Is HK$500 per hr too much? So I have been procrasinating.

6. Write a letter to IRD (HK’s Tax Dept) when I receive my Dependent’s Visa to postpone the filing of 07/08 taxes next yr
I understand the need to pay taxes although I don’t like it, but since I am still going to be in HK as a dependent (according to them, I didn’t renew my contract so that means my Work Visa will lapse on 8 Aug and I have to leave HK for good), I don’t see why I need to file my taxes for 2007/08 NOW. 

You guys afraid I will not pay?!? Puhlease. I want to wait especially till after my delivery in Oct so that I can claim the childcare reliefs.

I think this is about it. Maybe more stuff will come running into my head in the next couple of days. ;p

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