Chill Out Weekend

Summer in HK is bloody scorching. Even the occasional breeze is hot. Maybe it’s cos of the lil’ one growing inside me, but I have been more sensitive to the heat in recent weeks. Except for these 2 weeks of summer class that I am conducting from 0800 to 1230 in school, I am a happy camper just staying at home to escape the heat. Nowadays, I will only leave the house if absolutely necessary (the occasional shopping or dinner) and will only do so after 6pm when it’s cooler.

I have been eating lots more watermelon and oranges, drinking lots iced lemon tea and lemonade diluted with iced water and restricting myself to my only sinful treat this pregnancy… Haagen Daz Macadamia Brittle or Coffee and Cream ice cream at most 3 times a month. I am perpetually thirsty, but dousing myself with life-giving H2O doesn’t seem to do much except going to the loo a lil’ too often. The latter is yet another reason why I rather stay home as much as possible cos having the uterus pushing down on my bladder does result in frequent visits.

Saturday afternoon, D and I went to the pool for my weekly laps. He is still nursing a sore shoulder so the water helps to soothe it a lil’, while I did my 10 laps while dodging the other swimmers. I made dinner and we watched this Canadian-Indian comedian, Russell Peters while chowing into my version of Mee Siam. 🙂 Russell Peters’ specialty is on stereotypes, and man, it’s a great way to spend the Saturday.

Here’s one of my fav jokes from Russell Peters. LOL (Warning: Explicit Language)

I so agree with him.

D and I were supposed to go to church this morning, but I was lazy and we ended up watching “Runway Moms” on Discovery Health. There was this new mum, Jevonne, who had just given birth to her son, Ashton. It was supposed to be a happy thing, but she found out that her son had this medical condition called Malrotation which resulted in the removal of most of the lil’ boy’s intestine and he had been staying in the neonatal ward since birth. Ashton needs to gain 11 pounds before going for an intestinal transplant, and he is basically fed through tubes which makes it hard to gain weight either. I teared looking at Ashton, a 2-month-old baby who doesn’t deserve what is happening to him. You would expect his mum to be angry, disgruntled or in denial, but she is still positive and carries on with her work (she is a personal trainer) ‘cos every day is a new day for her and Ashton.

I wonder how I would react if something like that happens to my child. Still, after watching the show, and feeling somewhat down, I said a quick prayer, one that D and I always say … that Tyler will be a happy, healthy and normal kid.

D knew I was a bit down, and I just snuggled into him as he laid down on his beanbag. ‘Cos of my growing tummy, I have to lie sideways and the left side of my tummy (where Tyler’s feet are right now) was somewhere near his crotch. And the next thing we knew, Tyler made his presence felt and kicked. D, totally wide-eyed, felt the kick in his balls. 🙂 Not once, but twice. That kinda lifted my spirits up, and we had a good laugh. Tyler probably didn’t like that his lil’ space was kinda squashed.

We then went to First Cup Coffee, Prat Ave TST, for our brunch. This cafe used to be near YMCA, TST, and serves excellent coffee and all-day breakfast (max HK$40/S$8). Much better than Starbucks, Pacific Coffee. It was nice to just chill out at the cafe, reading the papers and enjoying our quiet time together. It will be very soon we may not do this too often, without all that logistical preparation in bringing an extra family member out.

Might as well enjoy this now, while we still can. 🙂

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