Tyler’s 1st Tiffany

“He gets a Tiffany even before he is born?!?” D exclaimed when I showed him the lil’ blue box couple of days back.

I didn’t even get my first Tiffany until my wedding day, and it wasn’t even given to me by D but by my sister-in-law who gave me a nice wedding gift (silver heart pendant). It was only in 2005 when D actually got me a Tiffany-something, all the way from its flagship store in NYC (D was there for a mtg). And even then, the Tiffany silver-titanium bracelet was something I told D to get for me 🙂

What’s up with me and Tiffany? Just that my fav movie is “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”.

So yes, our dear lil’ humanoid has his first Tiffany, not a silver spoon 🙂 but a cute lil’ silver comb for us to run thru’ his hair. (Hope Tyler does have hair).

ML, thanks for the beautiful gift and words. You shouldn’t have spent that money. I will make sure Tyler knows who Aunty ML is  🙂 and sorry that D has used the comb first to brush his long brown hair.

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