A CNN (Chris’ News Network) Update

I have been feeling downright lazy about blogging and decided to take a mini-sabbatical from it. Here’s a quick update on what has been happening in my life the past couple of week.

Christina Aguilera’s Back To Basics Tour (3 Jul 07 Tues)
My final concert in HK for the year and was glad to have caught her concert with D and 2 other friends. It was loud and rambunctious, Christina Aguilera went through the almost 2h concert with her powerful vocals and tireless dance moves. “Candyman” was an excellent song and I like its arrangement that night. But the one song that got the audience up on their feet was “Lady Marmalade” (Moulin Rouge) and the other one that got us all singing was “Beautiful”

Rumour has it that she is 3 months pregnant during this tour. From the big screen, I thought I spied a little tummy budge. However she was really active, running up and down the stage. Still, if she is indeed pregnant, good for her.

Anyway, Tyler was moving so much inside me … kicking, punching, tossing etc throughout the concert that I swear I felt so tired after the concert, even though I didn’t stand up to dance. Maybe he likes her music too. 🙂

Warm Fuzzy Feeling … Thanks To 6C & 2L (06/07)
The same kids, who drove me “crazy” during school time with their antics and forgetfulness, also gave me a warm fuzzy feeling with their honesty and appreciation before the school year ended on the 6 Jul.

This year, my P6s gave me a beautiful binder containing their handwritten or printed thoughts of their impressions of me as their teacher, poems and photos of themselves… a gift for me to remember them since I am leaving the school in preparation for my new role as a mother. Some of my boys were betting that I would shed a tear or two after receiving the binder… sorry to disappoint u guys. I will not cry for just HK$2 ah.

I had received something similar from my P5s last year, much to their English teacher’s “dismay”. In fact, she is still sore about it. 🙂

And my younger pupils, the P2Ls gave me a report book (to which I joked that I have finally graduated from the school), containing handwritten notes similar to the ones my P6s did. Their form teacher had helped to get these lil’ ones to write on coloured papers and actually made a lil’ video clip of each of the pupils saying a lil’ something to me.

I am not very good with goodbyes, and these are gifts that I keep close to my heart. I am deeply honoured to have been blessed with the opportunity to have taught everyone of them.

More pics here.

Back In S’pore (6 Jul to 9 Jul)
This short trip back home was unexpected but D and I were glad to be home. The main reason was to attend D’s brother’s wedding. It was a simple but meaningful affair; the solemnisation was held in the couple’s Ritz Carlton’s suite, followed by a intimate dinner of about 20 family members.

Btw the suite overlooked the NDP stage and we caught some of the full-dressed rehearsals that went on that Saturday evening from the 28th storey. Great view of S’pore’s skyline and of course the “ugly” construction site which will be the new IR.

The rest of the weekend was devoted to getting our haircut, meeting with some friends and having dinner at my parents’ place. I thought it important for my parents to see that I am healthy and fine, so that they, especially my mum, will be reassured of my pregnancy and well-being, since I am miles away from them.

D and I also managed to see our gynae on the 9th before our flight at 3.30pm, basically to update him of the 2nd trimester test results. Everything is looking good, we did another scan and saw Tyler opening and closing his mouth, fidgeting a lil’ before going back to sleep.

Chilling Out @ Sea (14 Jul Sat)
While D and some other DM trainees were doing their skills review/assessment, I tagged along to spend some time away from home and enjoy the beautiful summer day. It was hot, but the cool breeze and the gentle sea lulled me to sleep very easily.

In the morning, I had to help the instructor with their assessment by making sure D and the other DM trainees swam 400m and treaded 15 min in the sea. It was tiring after awhile, cos I couldn’t find a place to sit down without feeling that I was in the way of divers who returned to the boat after their 1st dive.

Summer Class (16 Jul – 27 Jul)
Since I am still in HK until the end of Aug, I reckon I might as well conduct a 2-week summer course on math. The main reason is the extra cash, which is more important now that I will not be working for at least a year after Tyler is born. I suppose this will be time well-spent, and I would not be a sloth at home playing Bubble Shooter or Virtua Tennis 3 on my PSP. 🙂

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