“Wise” Words From D…

When asked to help me take/do/carry something, D will say,
“You are just pregnant, not handicapped.”
Although I must add that he will still do what I asked him to do after that retort, just that he doesn’t do it rightaway.

When told to get something done, D will flick his long mane into my face and say,
“Talk to the hair.”

When “talking” to our lil’ one via my bulging tummy, D will end off with
“Listen to mummy …. But… Obey Daddy.”
Talk about brainwashing our unborn child.

After kissing our lil’ one via my tummy, D will kiss me and say,
“My two babies…”
Same sentiments as you too.

When asked to decide on a name for our lil’ one, D said,
“If it’s a boy, we call him David Christina Tan; if it’s a girl, we call her Christina David Tan.”
Whatever… so creative.

Just two days ago, while we had tortilla beef wraps for dinner at home, D looked at me and said,
“I am going to miss you and Tyler when you two are back in S’pore.”
In reply, I said, “Can’t be helped babe, we will miss you too…. Just make sure you don’t get a cat or dog in our absence so that you have something to keep you company while we are away.”

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