Wardrobe Overhaul… Well, Just a lil’

I was hoping to stretch the lifespan of my current wardrobe for as long as possible. Perhaps it’s the belief (or denial) that my Zara, North Face, Columbia, G-Star Raw tops and pants/jeans can still fit me;  or the thought of buying maternity wear (those huge unflattering tops etc) puts me off.

But alas, the day came about 3 weeks back, when my existing clothes wouldn’t fit anymore. I can’t button my pants due to the disappearance of my waist; my bigger boobs and bulging tummy also meant that gaps in between the shirt buttons open up far too much. I feel like the Incredible Hulk with my clothes bursting at the seams.

It’s a horrible sight, staring back at the reflection that was me, trying to decide what to wear in the mornings. Then I had a great idea, I took to wearing some of D’s casual shirts and as for my pants, I left the top button undone and used my belt to buckle up loosely so as to accomodate my growing tummy.

However this was getting boring and I needed variety. So finally after some research, I decided to check out 2 shops to do some fashion revamp, Linea Negra (actual maternity clothes) and Mandarin Orange (kaftans and thai fisherman pants).

Ok, good-looking maternity clothes aren’t cheap. I bought 2 pairs of dress pants, 2 dress shirts (all for work), 2 casual tops and a 2-piece tankini at Linea Negra. Total damage: about HK$4800 (S$960). The pants and dress shirts cost between HK$600 – HK$800 (S$120 – S$160) each, while the casual tops cost about HK$200+ (S$40). The reward is that the clothes aren’t your typical maternity wear, and I suppose I could still wear them post-pregnancy. And the good thing is I was given a 10% discount on that day for spending this much, and this discount will also apply to subsequent buys. 🙂

And since I had blown HK$4.8k on maternity wear, I decided to look elsewhere. My aim is to find clothes that (1) are affordable (2) I can still wear after giving birth (3) I must look good in them. Basically to stretch my dollar for quality and looks.

Anyway, I like kaftans (tunics) and the Thai fisherman pants which I think are not just good for the beach but also absolutely comfy. More importantly, I will still want to wear them whether I am pregnant or not.

In April when D was diving in Similans/Phuket, I asked him to get me some but he only managed to get the kaftans, which are very nice. Unfortunately I can’t fit into any of them… D had underestimated my growth. 🙂

Kaftan... I bought a green one and the latest batik print (not on the website yet)So I went to Mandarin Orange 2 days back and spent HK$1580 (S$316) on 2 kaftans and Fisherman Pants - Bias cut fold-down waistband sits neatly on the low waist2 fisherman pants. The designer, Louise, was very helpful and she has really nice stuff in her lil’ shop at Stanley Street.

The thing about shopping in HK which intrigues me is that many of these good shops are housed high up inside buildings. For someone like me coming from S’pore where shops are generally in malls or on the ground floors, it’s a bit of a cultural change that I need to look up for more buys and not just look at things in a 2D environment.

So for now, I am quite happy with my purchases. Of course, it doesn’t mean I will not be shopping anymore, just that the wardrobe overhaul is kinda done for now. 🙂

4 responses to “Wardrobe Overhaul… Well, Just a lil’

  1. What!!! 8 pieces for SIN$960!!!! *faint* Maybe you can try Yahoo Auction. Cheaper 2nd hand 😛

  2. Hehe… I very “hiao” lah… I stopped shopping liao. ;p

  3. I was telling Jimmy abt this and I told him.. If I combined the cost of ALL clothes I bought when I was pregnant wif Cody AND Jeraldine, I still won’t hit $960! Kekekekekeke

  4. Now, I am paiseh siah… ;p

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