Dear Child (I)

  I don’t suppose it is weird to write you a letter now, although I have plans to write you one on your birthday, much like a running commentary of my thoughts and love for you. But today is a special day for your dad and I… five years ago, we were in church, promising that we will be together till “death do us part”. 

  Perhaps it is a tradition that I would like to start in this family, the one that you will be seeing in another 4 months. And I have asked your dad to do the same too, although I believe, his letter will be much shorter than mine.

  You have been good since day one, since I didn’t experience any major issues and in the earlier months, I actually forget that you are in me. I still climbed (but now, my Black Diamond harness will not go round my bulge anymore), did some gym, and just couple of weeks back, I played a short badminton game with your dad’s colleagues.

  Those visits to the gynae were good ones, you ranged from being a small lil’ bean, a 6-oz “steak” to the you now at 21 weeks. Your dad is still interested to know if you are a boy or a girl, and he was astonished to hear your heartbeat for the first time.

  The last few days, I have been reminded of your presence. It’s not just that my pants can’t quite fit me anymore and I feel like I am carrying a basketball everywhere I go. But I have felt you kicked a lot more these few days.

  If I am home, I would place my hand below my tummy (on the right) and wait for your next kick. The first time I am sure it was you, and not my noisy gastric acids, it was on 2 Jun Saturday.

  Last night, when your dad tucked me to bed, you kicked me again. I quickly placed his hand on me and hoped that you would do it one more time. ‘Cos I really want your dad to share this with us too. And when he felt you, his grin was the widest you can imagine and I believe he enjoyed that too. In his lil’ ways, your dad has been speaking to you, touching and kissing you via my tummy.

  I, on the other hand, find it odd to be speaking to you, although I have been blasting all kinds of music so that you will hear them too. Music is something that I love, and I hope that you will grow to love it too.

  Now, your dad calls u his Happy Feet, and I like it.

Your mum and dad.

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