ArtJamming @ 123 Wellington St, Sheung Wan HK

ArtJamming Together with some colleagues, I spent the Saturday evening at ArtJamming and painted the night away. It was a different way to spend the evening, and thanks to Yvan’s connection, (he’s Canadian French and my school’s Art Coordinator), we only paid HK$300 (S$60) each for a canvas (choose between 2 sizes, Large and Small) and unlimited use of acrylic paint, brushes and sponges. Since the HK$300 that I paid for is the same for either the large or small canvas, guess which one I chose as a good “Kiasu” S’porean.

Btw, D stayed home for a couple of reasons. One, he is experiencing some discomfort due to a blockage in his sinus and doc had recommended he stayed home to rest. Two, I had bought him an Xbox 360 as his early b’day pressie, before I left for ArtJamming today. Well, between painting and playing with his new toy, guess which was the obvious choice.

Work In ProgressAnyway, ArtJamming (which is actually quite near the Sze’s place where D & I got our tattoos) doesn’t have a big area, but it was well-stock with the necessary equipment. I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to paint, and so I just let my feelings and creativity took over. It felt therapeutic mixing and applying the colours without a plan, somewhat haphazard and random, and it felt good.

After some suggestion from Yvan to include something “stronger”, I decided to include the tree My  at the side. Anyway, he wanted me to include lilies etc, but I had to remind him I am not Monet. Besides, all the standing and painting is quite tiring ah. By the time I completed my “masterpiece”, it was about eleven thirty.

It would have been nice to have D accompany me to ArtJamming and perhaps, the 2 of us could do a painting each. But I reckon he isn’t the arty farty sort anyway. When I got home and woke him up from his beauty sleep, I just had to show him my artwork, which is now looking nicely strung on the study door. But come to think of it, I didn’t paint alone tonight, I had shared this time with my lil’ one.

I would like to go back again; in fact, I do have an idea of what I want to paint the next time. 🙂

More pics of my colleagues/frens’ works here.

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