Angelina Jolie Taking A Year Off, So Am I

Read this article  from  People.Com  yesterday, and thought it is quite a coincidence. I am quite a fan of Angelina Jolie (and Brad Pitt too 🙂 ): her edgy attitude, numerous tattoos and of course the fact that she is involved in humanitarian work, putting her fame and connections to create greater awareness towards such causes. Frankly I don’t quite care if she is just fishing for attention and coverage, but well, if what she does actually help those who otherwise would not have the chance to be seen or heard, I think it is still miles better than those of us who just read and hear the news and not do a single thing.

Anyway, Angelina Jolie is going to take the year 2008 off to spend more time with her family (maybe even have another kid wif Brad). Gee, so am I, not with Brad lah, but with the lil’ one that is growing up pretty well each day… and of course with the sperm-donor who happens to be a big kid himself.

In recent weeks, I have been feeling bored at work. It isn’t that I dread going to school but the fact is I am finding things to be routine now and that I just want to finish all that which needs to be done for the day and be done with it. D reckons that I am feeling this way cos my job is routine and everything is kinda predictable, so nothing really excites me anymore. I kinda agree with him. But on the other hand, I don’t want to  strive to be a department head or take up additional responsibilities to get myself out of this routine either. I prefer to just work, get my pay, and still have a life after work, whether it is doing something else I like or just doing nothing at all. A job is just a means to finance my lifestyle and my holidays, not the one thing that defines me.

So I suppose having a kid is the something else that I think I can do, and I reckon I could be good at it.  I did tell D when we were trying for a kid in Jan, that if we can’t have one biologically, we will do an Angelina Jolie then. This is the extent of my hope to have a child, our own or to adopt.

Two and a half more months before school wraps up, and I can just concentrate on my new life ahead. So yeah, Angelina Jolie, I am taking the year off too 🙂

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