Kung Ho @ Shamshuipo (Panfried Beancurd Shop)

The ShopD had told me about this shop and its tasty panfried beancurd snack for the last 2 yrs. However we haven’t been able to relocate the shop during those few times we were at Shamshuipo (D had forgotten how to get there).

So finally today, we reckoned we should just sniff out this shop once and for all. D called his friend for directions, and after getting lost in one of the many streets at Shamshuipo, we finally were on the correct street.

For the record, take the MTR to Shamshuipo and exit at B2. Once you are at the street level, walk forward and after about 20m or so, you will find the shop (which will be on your right) behind some makeshift stalls on the street. Apparently this shop has been around for quite awhile, afterall Shamshuipo is a quite an old part of HK.

Shamshuipo is known for its Apilu Street Market, which is filled with rows of makeshift stalls lined up on both sides of the street. Unlike Ladies Market at Mongkok, the hawkers at Apilu Street sell various knicknacks ranging from heavy duty magnets, 2nd hand drills and hardware machinery, various fasteners and carabiners, old SLRs and corresponding parts etc. It’s a good place to browse and cheap too. Besides these stalls, Shamshuipo is also known for its Golden Computer Mall, which obviously sells everything related to computer at the lowest price in HK. That’s where we went to get our Silverstone HTPC and other parts.

Back to Kung Ho. It’s quite a small place, about 6 -7 tables and customers come and go quite quickly. At the entrance on the right, there were 2 ladies who were frying the beancurd in a big pan. On the left, this guy was like the traffic controller cos he welcomes the customers, collects the payment and decides how to arrange the seating arrangements for new customers. He was also the one whom you can order freshly made beancurd to take home to cook.

 I ordered 2 cups of cold soybean milk Cold Soybean Milk & Panfried Beancurd (Taufu)(HK$4/S$0.80 each), 2 plates of panfired beancurd (HK$8/S$1.60 each) and since I was still hungry (didn’t have lunch), I ordered another plate which is a mixed platter of the panfried beancurd and taupok (HK$10/S$2). Sorry, dunno how to translate taupok Mixed Platter - Taufu & Taupokinto English. Basically it’s made from the same thing as beancurd, except that it resembles dried beancurd skin. Ah, the futility of English 🙂

Nonetheless, all taste great. The soybean milk wasn’t too sweet and the other snacks I ordered were tasty with a lil’ Thai sweet chili sauce. The beancurd has a good texture to it, and frankly, I could eat plates after plates of it without feeling sick of this snack. I love taufu (beancurd). 🙂

So now that I know where this shop is, I am sure going to Shamshuipo will have an additional attraction for me. Wouldn’t mind make that long trip there. Yummy!!!

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