Should I Take Part…

in this year’s GOLDEN POINT AWARD 2007 organised by The ArtsHouse?

I have always enjoyed writing, maybe it’s cos I was never the vocal sort who basked in the limelight unlike my friends. Never the drama mama sort, and well, writing was and still is therapeutic but required lots of practice and a tinge of inspiration.

I remembered the Creative Writing class I signed up for in MGS, with Mr Morgan (gee, I can still remember him and his pudgy self… u see his tummy and hear his bellow first before the rest of him) as the crazy teacher who told us to write about a certain feature on our hand (I chose the olive green/grey dot on my left palm, courtesy of a pencil fight in kindergarten); created a story with as many ironies as possible with my good friend till we were quite confused at the end of our “epic” tale. Funny I can’t quite remember what that story is about now, except we were busy tapping on the old PCs in the musty room in the old MG building at Mt Sophia.

Later, writing became kinda boring cos of the long Econs essays I had to write; but writing for General Paper kind of balanced things out. It wasn’t just writing fiction and ironies, but real situations where I would make a stand and support my view with evidence and quotes for various sources. Poverty, environmental issues, war, crime, technology… funny the one thing we didn’t dabble into was religion. Guess it will be most infantile to think that a 4 to 5-page essay on that topic will be sufficient to discuss the fraility of religion and its effect on the world.

Then there were two writers, Prof Shirley Lim and Catherine Lim with whom I had the honour and opportunity to learn from. They are both two dynamic ladies whose passion for writing is very infectious. Prof Lim was more reticent but when she went through my drafts with me, she had some great ideas and was encouraging. Catherine Lim kind of intimidated me, maybe due to her reputation, but she was equally nice and got quite excited as she went through my work.

That was the best course I took, and I am glad I did. We had to write two original pieces, one a long story (at least 6 pages) and a 1-page vignette, before we received our grades from both writers. The first story was on nose job and how people perceived the before and after nose job differently from the girl who actually wanted the procedure. As for the second one, I wrote about this guy who had flashbacks on his miserable life.

I think I still have the stories at my mum’s place, kept in one of my files… thought I saw them and read them last year.

Maybe I should really think about taking part in the Golden Point Award this year, thought about it last year and the year before, but never got down to it. Will see…

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