Horrid Saturday

It was sudden and hit me when I didn’t expect it. My head was kinda swimming even though I was still in bed, and when I turned to my side, it got worse. I knew something wasn’t right, stumbled into the toilet and just puked whatever liquid was left in my stomach. My head swam and the cramps came, stretching and contracting around my torso and lower back.

I was supposed to go to school that morning, for the APMOPS competition, but after resting for 15 minutes on the couch and later in bed, I realised it would be safer to stay at home. After all the dizziness didn’t go away, and I retched another 3 more times from 7am to 11am. All green liquid, dink it was bile since my tummy was empty. The cramps came and went within seconds and it downright hurt till I cried. I was scared, D was too. On looking back, I cried mainly cos I was scared, and scared for my baby who must be wondering watz up with all this upheaval.

I got D to call the gynae to see if he was available to see me, but he was all booked up this morning. And I reckoned if I started to bleed, D must get me to the hospital quickly. In the end, after a couple more uncomfortable hours of rest, I felt slightly stronger to see the GP near our place. I decided to take along a small plastic bag, just in case. In fact, after the freaking long 1 hour plus wait, and feeling downright tired and queasy, the plastic bag came in handy. Thank God, most of the patients had left the clinic when I started another puking bout.

It wasn’t diarrhoea and well, GP’s diagnosis was gastric flu which I had before and which had hit me fast and sudden before. I don’t know where I got it or how.

After sleeping the whole of Saturday, and just lots of rest today, I feel much better, still weak but better. Appetite hasn’t returned yet, although I made sure I ate the minced pork porridge I made, not for myself but for my baby. Come to think of it, I should make an appointment to see the gynae just to make sure that everything is ok with my baby and to set my mind at ease.

I suppose the baby comes first now, maybe that’s what motherhood is about. It’s no longer me, myself and I… but the fact that I have a greater responsibility to the life in me than myself. It still scares me, the cramps and the helplessness and I wonder how a perfectly good day could turn out to be so horrid. I am just glad that nothing worse came out of it.

2 responses to “Horrid Saturday

  1. Are you better now? Gosh! I would feel terrible too! You take care, you hear!

  2. Much better now, but appetite is still not quite back yet. But glad the worst is over. 🙂

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