Preparing For The Young One

Today I am officially into my 13th week, Day 4, to be exact. The last couple of weeks have been quite ok. Although I had my bouts of nausea at various times of the day (definitely not just morning sickness) during my 1st trimester, I have been feeling pretty good and my appetite can attest to that.

Last Monday morning, I went for the  detailed ultrasound scan and a blood test for the 1st Trimester Checkup at Thomson Medical. Later in the afternoon, D and I went back to the hospital to see our gynae who told us that the result was good and I was in the no-risk category for a Downs Syndrome kid. All we want is a happy, healthy and normal kid and hoping that all is well in God’s hands. Oh, and I found out that I had gained 2.5kg since my 7th week checkup. Whew… still below 58kg. 🙂

Later in the week, D and I went to visit my good friend who recommended me the book Baby Secrets”  and gave me a huge bag of baby clothes. I unpacked and sorted all of them on Saturday morning, and I am grateful to her for giving me a good headstart to dressing So many clothesup my humanoid. It doesn’t matter if these are 2nd hand or even 3rd hand. It also doesn’t matter if most of the clothes are for boys. My view is that the newborn baby will not know the difference. Besides most of the clothes are in white or blue, which are colours that I like anyway. Who says girls must be dressed in pink and boys in blue?

Friends with kids have told us that babies grow up and out of the clothes so fast that it really makes no sense to buy new stuff from scratch. In HK, D’s friend will be giving us more baby clothes, a cot and a stroller too. That really helps. As for the book, I managed to get the only copy at Borders later that afternoon.

I am hoping that I will not get into the excitement of having a kid and buy all kinds of stuff, whether expensive or branded and most likely unnecessary. Parents want the best for our kids, but maybe we tend to go overboard ‘cos parents also want to look good themselves when their kid is looking snazzy seated in the hi-tech pram/stroller with numerous mobiles and toys. Well, D will be there, as the logical and practical person in the family, to remind and stop me from becoming too excited. 🙂

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