2 More Days… Back To S’pore

Don’t feel like working today, but it’s a necessary evil to complete each day so that the weekends arrive just on time.

I will be flying back to S’pore on a 6.30pm SQ flight, supposedly alone since D is still on the liveaboard board somewhere in the Similans. However, a good friend is taking the same flight as me, totally unplanned, and I am grateful to have some company on the flight home. Never like to fly, if not for the fact that my love for travelling far exceeds this fear, and definitely don’t like to fly ALONE.

I have planned my flight back home on Saturday night such that when I land at around 2220, I just need to wait for another 40 to 50 minutes for D’s Silkair flight from Phuket to arrive in Changi Terminal 2. I can’t wait to see him.

The main reason I am back in S’pore is for the Downs Syndrome test that I need to do on Monday at Thomson Medical, 9 am. And later in the afternoon, D and I will go and see our gynae for the results. Apparently this test is done on all pregnant mums, regardless of age. All we  want is to have a Happy, Healthy and Normal kid.

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