6 More Days…

D left for his liveaboard diving trip yesterday evening, first back home in S’pore and flew on the 1st flight to Phuket this morning. He had told me about the Similans diving trip that his friend is organising through Aquaworx couple of months back and wasn’t sure about going on the trip.

I supposed he was waiting for me to give my consent and as much as I would prefer for him to stay with me in HK, I reasoned that if D doesn’t go on this trip, it will be a long time before he goes on one. And well, D deserves to go on this trip and I love him too much to make him stay. We have been apart before, but it has always been ‘cos of D’s work. This is the first time we aren’t on holiday together and now, I can’t wait for the following week to end quickly.

I am not able to go with him on this trip, as much as I want to, for 2 reasons. One, I still have another week of work before the Easter Break begins on the 31 Mar (I will be flying back to S’pore on the SQ flight at 6.30pm). Two, diving is not possible for now due to our lil’ humanoid that has been living inside me these past 11-odd weeks.

At 10 wks 1 day old

For now, it hasn’t been easy at nights and it’s times like this when I think back to the 9 months in 2004 when D was in HK and I in S’pore. I really don’t like the distance thing but as life would have it, sometimes it can’t be helped. Maybe it’s all these hormonal changes that I am going through, but I can’t help but having all these paranoia and worried that something may happen to D during this dive trip. Maybe it’s ‘cos D will be uncontactable till Thursday night when he returns to Phuket mainland (D just called me from the boat, his last call till Thursday, ‘cos the boat is still docked at the pier and will leave for the Similans later). Argh, I got to get a grip on my mind.

So this week is going to be kinda hard but not impossible. But it’s taking such a long time to even get started. 6 more days…

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