CSI Season 7 “Fannysmackin'” (Episode No. 145)

 Last night, I caught the repeat telecast of the CSI Season 7 episode “Fannysmackin'” and liked the exchanges that all the CSIers had towards the end of the show.

It got me thinking about the kinda world and children we are raising and educating now. And what Grissom said at the end (in italics) is very true, and I like the way it was put across. Concise, right to the point and it made me quite sad, cos this is not just happening in America.

Catherine: Pig and the piglets are in the pigpen.
Warrick: About time. Finally some good news.
Catherine: Did you know Pig, a.k.a Cole Tritt, was the only adult? The rest were all under 18. One was 14.
Warrick: You’re kidding. Who raises these kids?
Catherine: I mean, they weren’t all deliquents. Dmitris James was a college student.
Nick: Hangin’ out with the wrong crowd in the wrong town. I’m tellin’ ya, havin’ a fake I.D in Las Vegas is like havin a–a free ticket on the hell train. Sex, drugs, gambling, no adult supervision, 24/7, by the time they’re 21 they’ve done and seen it all.
Catherine: Make me slit my wrists why don’t ya? I’m raising a teenager here.
Warrick: Ah, you’re doin’ a great job, Linds is gonna turn out to be a beautiful young woman. Besides, I grew up in Vegas I didn’t turn out so bad, did I?
Nick: Yeah. That was pre-Mirage. Back when you were goin’ to the casino, playin’ the arcade games. Nah, Vegas is a different animal now.
Warrick: Yeah, these kids need to beat people up in the street to be entertained. They need some good discipline, they need their grandmother whuppin’ their ass like I had.
Nick: Yeah, a good slap.
Sara: You know, it kinda sounds like you guys are blaming everyone but these kids. I mean, you don’t get by just because you grew up here or your parents are on drugs or—those kids were perfectly capable of telling the difference between a wild night out and beating somebody to death.
Grissom: The truth is, a moral compass can only point you in the right direction, it can’t make you go there.  Our culture preaches that you shouldn’t be ashamed of anything you do anymore. And unfortunately this city is built on the principle that there’s no such thing as guilt. “Do whatever you want, we won’t tell.” So without a conscience, there’s nothing to stop you from killing someone. And evidently you don’t even have to feel bad about it.

The world is getting smaller, and what is happening to the values and ethics that I was taught and learnt while growing up seems to be getting diluted or changed over the years. Maybe it’s TV, MTV, the excesses, the wants vs the needs… everything is relative and what is different and weird and nonsensical in the past is now the normal thing to do now.

I am afraid for my kids…

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