Surprises & Pressies

D & I don’t see Valentine’s Day as an important day in the year, our birthdays and Christmas being the important ones. Our take is that V-day is  too commercialised, eating-out is at cut-throat prices and well, everyday should be V-day anyway. Moreover I don’t fancy getting flowers, and I told D before, “I rather you give me the money that you use to pay for those flowers instead.”

But once in awhile, we will surprise one another with gifts on V-day and this year, I decided to surprise him. Well, actually the real reason is to replace the ear-stud that he lost couple of months back when he went for his drysuit course. I had bought him a diamond, princess-cut, ear-stud 5 years back as a wedding gift. You may ask why did he wear the diamond ear-stud for a diving course, what are the odds of losing it anyway.Ear-Studs

To replace the lost one, I bought him a pair from Mabelle at HK$3.7k. Unfortunately I can’t just get one, so in case he loses it, he still has a spare one.

What did he get for me? Actually nothing, at first. After he realised that I had gotten him a gift, he paid for my pair of Camper shoes and some Godiva white chocs.

D has been looking at getting a luxury watch, before settling on an IWC Aqua-Chrono Titanium. D was given his dad’s Omega Seamaster watch, but he had only wore it once during our wedding and can’t bring himself to wear it again cos it is in gold. For the longest time, D reckons he should invest in a good watch, something that he can wear daily, looks good in and one that will not go out of style. And besides, I am paying for part of the watch as what would be D’s b’day and Christmas presents which I “owed” him since last year.

D's IWC watchFor a couple of months, the Aquatimer Chrono-Automatic Titanium was out-of-stock. D did contemplate on just getting the stainless steel version, but since both are of the same price, D decided to wait for the titanium one.  And it was a nice surprise when the guy at the shop called D yesterday in the morning to let him know that the stock is in. Later I met D at the shop during his lunch time and we bought it. The date which was stamped on the guarantee card was a nice one, 14 Feb 2007.  🙂

As for me, I quite like the Tag Heur Monaco but D and another friend have been encouraging me to consider a Panerai. 🙂  Will see how. 🙂

One response to “Surprises & Pressies

  1. The Panerai is a nice heavy watch which feels great on the wrist. Not to mention it is really eye catching. Also the unique crown would easily distinguish it from all the imitations. If you are considering which model, am using the Luminor Marina Automatic which is really nice 🙂

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