Imagini Valentine Gift Finder

Taken from Gizmodo Here’s a fun site to find out about yours and your other half’s VisualDNA and the matched gifts.

I took the test for myself and after clicking a series of pictures corresponding to various categories such as “This is my idea of fun…”, “If I had to go for a dare, I would…” etc, the results were out and here’s my Visual DNA. So true ah. 🙂

 “Here’s what your choices might mean about you

You get your kicks from the great outdoors; you have heaps of energy to gad about wide open spaces. You don’t like to be held back, feeling free is key to your character.

Never one to sit in the slow lane, you live life at full pelt – sometimes racing to experience more.

You love to take it easy, preferring the slow beat of the beach to the hum of the city. When you can’t make it to the sand you love to hang out with friends… all part of your laid back attitude. (My English prof told me before that I am too laid back 🙂 )

Not taking life too seriously – you are personable, approachable and a good friend. Being able to relax and have a little fun brings out your best.

So… you like to curl up and kick back. Maybe not the most adventurous of sorts, but you have nailed the wind down. (Spending 2 weeks on the road and riding with D to northern Thailand, rockclimbing, diving…)

When extra time appears, you like to take control and create something special for others to enjoy.

To impress, a date doing something new to you both would give you the right buzz… you’re always first to take the plunge, you love diverse experiences.” (And taking all these experiences in with D, my best friend and the most important person in my life)

 I got D to try it and his report is 90% the same as mine, except for the following 3 paragraphs:

“So… you can be ultra competitive, you like to play games and most importantly… you love to win!

When extra time appears you spend it flexing and getting in shape. Health and fitness is at the top of your list.

Relishing a challenge, you are strong and confident – any tough situation brings out the best in your character.”

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